Microsoft's artificial intelligence and Forza Horizon 3 has become an exciting tribute to HWzone

Microsoft's artificial intelligence and Forza Horizon 3 has become an exciting gesture

An amateur racing player unexpectedly encountered his friend's character, who died about a year ago, and even won the competition in the digital world of the new title

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Uses a popular forum community called Redditsgamers published This week's post in the sub- של , In which he described how he accidentally "met" his dead friend in the Forza Horizon 3 racing game.

The game, which has been praised from wall to wall and crowned as one of the best racing games of recent years, takes place in an open world where drivers often encounter each other. Puzzles are also known for their use of Drivatars, artificial intelligence that is automatically generated for each driver according to his driving style and joins the races of other users, Live. The user Redditsgamers suddenly encounters the character of his friend's player.

"I drove along the beach when I suddenly saw a username on Live that I have not seen in a while, "he wrote." It was my friend Drew. Unfortunately, he died a year ago when he was only 19. When I saw his Drivatar I immediately stopped behind him and invited him to the race. It was surreal and it felt like I was playing again. It was sweet and bitter, but that's another reason why I like this game. "

The post excited users and received warm responses. One of them told the reader that the next time he bumped into his friend, he could whistle at the game and make him drive behind him. Many have remembered a similar story posted by a user in the comments toVideo On YouTube two years ago, in which he said he used to play with his father who died in the Rally Sports Challenge game for the original console from the early 2000s. He discovered years after the father's death that the game was still showing the "wind" of the car his father had dominated when he broke the record on one of the runways, and when he finally overtook her, he preferred to stop by and not break the record so as not to erase The game.


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