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Five Keys More Games: Microsoft 's New Acquisition Craze

After years of shuffling, the technology giant hopes to regain the status of a gaming powerhouse with the purchase of five young gaming keys

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There is no doubt that exclusive quality titles contribute greatly to the volume of home console sales, and while Sony has a fairly rich repertoire of quality titles that can not be found on any other non-PlayStation device The situation is far less impressive in the current generation - along with the arrival of some titles also for 10 windows on personal computers that have robbed some of the exclusivity, the company simply has a few more exclusive titles, even if the existing ones do not always meet expectations: Sea of ​​Thieves, Dead Rising 4, Project Spark , ReCore and Ryse are just a few examples of games that just couldn't prove themselves, despite a healthy early interest.

A series of shuffles and gatherings in the field The games led her to conclude that she did not have the tools to change her situation quickly - hence the way to announce a surprising round of purchases of no less than five more keys was, it turns out.

Returns the games to its center of interest

Microsoft has added the Ninja Theory studio, which has just recently won a successful hit with Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (formerly a collaboration with Sony in the exclusive Heavenly Sword), Undead Labs, which is responsible for the state-of-the- (And windows), the Playground Games which has developed for The successful and successful Forza Horizon series, Compulsion Games, which is about to launch the impressive Dystopian game We Happy Few, and also a young studio called The Initiative, led by the former managing director of Crystal Dynamics, , Among other things).

Some of the acquisitions have been seen ahead of time and sound like a necessary step, confirming years of fruitful cooperation

One manufacturer out of the five has not yet provided any product, and a pair of them have so far developed games only for the console Anyway - but this round of shopping is nevertheless interesting and impressive, and actually doubles the potential The self - games that exist in the technology giant, which until a week ago included mainly the keys of , Gears of War, Forza Motorsport and the versatile Rare.

Some purchases are far more surprising - and it will be interesting to find out how they will come to fruition in the not too distant future

Is this a new and much more successful way for Microsoft and the " The whole thing? We'll find out soon. Until then - be successful.

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