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Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio: the next generation of the Xbox One

At the end of next year we will be getting a highly upgraded Xbox console with gaming support on- And 4 processing power than that of the current model

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Everyone has been talking about the enhanced PlayStation 4 console lately, but Microsoft seems to have decided to stay ahead of its competitor and hit a cure - and officially announced Project Scorpio, a new and powerful new generation for the console, Which will be launched at the end of next year.

Project Scorpio (which of course is just a code name, and will not be the console's final name) will offer gaming support to high-quality virtual reality 4K resolutions, and also offer processing power of about 6TeraFLOPS (about 6,000 billion floating point calculations per second) - which is slightly higher than the power The recently released Radeon RX 480 card processing is nearly 5 higher than the current Xbox One console processing, which includes 8 general processing cores And a built-in graphics core at a level similar to that of a card HD 7770.


The network has already begun to speculate on the hardware that will populate the new model, and although nothing is finalized internally at Microsoft itself, it seems that there is a good chance that the new console will continue to be powered by hardware. , With an up-to-date 14 nanometer production process with state-of-the-art Zen cores and an external Polaris 10 core, ostensibly with faster GDDR5X memory than the ultra- RX 480, or with improved bandwidth (if based on an effective bandwidth promise of approximately 320 / GB / sec in Project Scorpio, compared to 256 / GB bandwidth per second on RX 480).


monster To the living room, ready to compete in 4 Neo and cause the NX launched in March 2017 feel once more like hardware from the past

Microsoft was quick to make it clear that this is not a new generation of Xbox, but only a downgrade to support back in all games - Existing and won't win exclusive games - all games for the platform will also be available to run on And Project Scorpio.


It's a challenging concept, which will be a tightrope between the existing "neuter" of the new version for backwards compatibility and the sense of irrelevance of the original console owners within a relatively short period of four years since purchasing the product - it will be interesting to find out how Microsoft will try to combine the best of all worlds, and how the launch of Scorpio will affect price levels in the field.


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  1. How New Hardware 4 Years New? Which means you don't feel old in a relatively short period of four years "
    Short ?!
    Today every year mobile exchanges with more powerful hardware nearly 1.5 ..
    The right thing to say is - it is surprising to say that the console has held 4 for many years.

    1. Given Sony's and Microsoft's initial promises of a decade-long console generation - then yes, there is a basis to argue that 4 years are a short time for the arrival of a more advanced "replacement".

    1. The law is simple and it is as follows:
      "Sailing Sailing Sailing! The personal computer makes us lose sales and look like old hardware, so that's how we started with junk hardware too! Must start using their more advanced hardware." At the same time, the PC continues to progress at a nice pace, especially this year with RX480 and the like for pistachios of money.

      1. But you
        From what I think is far from over in the foreseeable future.
        Any embossing that comes out of the console causes immediate drooling
        And drilling the heads of the helpless parents to achieve and be what …….
        The rationale for them (the children) and beyond.
        And the manufacturers are celebrating.

    2. Under the Ordinance War Act. As soon as Nintendo announced the early retirement of Wii U and the launch of a new generation console, it was clear that Sony and Microsoft would not be left behind.

      In my opinion we only benefit from the move because there will be a significant leap in graphics on PCs as well.

  2. How straight losers are reminded to take out the spare card .. Bet they already have the next development but they will wait to make a profit until the next announcement

  3. You forget that putting out a stronger version doesn't rule out the first ones.

    That is, they are behind their commitment to the console's lifespan.

    It doesn't bother me personally. As long as they keep putting out new games to my console, of a quality that doesn't fall short of what I get now (no but oh well enough), for me to release 10 new versions every year.

    Regardless, I think it's going to cause such a headache for the gaming keys ...

    Hopefully this will not make the games work poorly either on the original consoles or on the news.

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