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The New Billionaires: Red Dead Redemption 2 Following GTA 5

The new Western company Is now becoming the most successful title of the year and a story of economic success

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Ahead of his arrival at the stores, there have been reports and estimates that the cost of producing the Red Dead Redemption 2 in the last eight years is approaching $ 1 million, a huge number dwarfing the budget of most Hollywood blockbusters - but it is doubtful whether anyone has agreed to gamble against prestigious history Of the company , Which now proves once again that it knows how to create successes that are unlike anything else.

Exciting reviews have only reinforced the initial assessment that Red Dead Redemption may be the most successful game of the year, and now we are starting to get the official figures that paint an even rosy picture - the second-ever launch in the entertainment world, V of that company exacted larger sums somewhere five years ago.

We do not really know how much this excellent game has cost - but chances are that it has become a success story and economic profit for a few days

After a preliminary report of stunning revenues of over 700 million in the first three days of the game became available in stores for consoles from home And Sony, we get official confirmation that 17 million copies have reached the players and stores (a figure called Sold-In and quantifies the retail demand of the product along with its practical sales) in less than two weeks - enough to pass all the data of The first Dead Redemption achieved in the seven years since the last time we received an official report from the distributor.

The first Red Deademption was one of the most successful games in the previous generation of consoles with a sold-in figure that reached 15 million copies - but it dwarfs rapidly compared to its more massive and advanced brother

With such numbers, it is almost certain that Red Dead Redemption 2 has successfully provided over $ 1 billion in revenue to its copyright holders - and it is likely that the potential for sequencing is very large considering the online component that will be launched in beta very soon and will offer many opportunities for micro- With real money that will enrich the pot (just like in 5), and perhaps also a PC version with various small cues that were found in several places and opportunities across the network. Who knows, maybe we'll even see an upgraded version of the title coming to Sony's and Microsoft's next-generation consoles when they are officially launched - in another rerun of what happened in the parallel series .

אם Will be able to make the online component popular and relevant in this era when the Royal Star starred - it could become an even bigger revenue engine than basic game sales

It is natural to assume that we will continue to receive large numbers and impressive records from RDR2 in the coming months. Does this guarantee us that the brand will continue to live, develop and entertain us in the future? We will not object to that.


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    1. Will arrive in another year or two when they finish milking the consoles and start milking the PC with an ultra-deluxe version of some false 4K / RTX / 120hz. I'm so nostalgic for the late 90 days when you bought a game and got all its parts.

  1. חחחח כל זה והדבר העיקרי שעניין את כל האינטרנט זה שאשכי הסוס דינמיות, מי היה מאמין לאנשים של היום…

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