New fashion? Large distributors and dedication Denuvo defenses are gradually playing

Two prominent titles were released from the controversial file protection, some time after they had been hacked and pirated

Quite a few players are strongly opposed to game file protections, especially when titles are hacked by groups - so that the existing (seemingly) disadvantages of those mechanisms Continue to affect consumers who purchased the product at their best, without preventing piracy enthusiasts from accessing the product.

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In recent years, we have encountered a number of situations in which distributors have chosen to remove in retrospect the most common defense mechanism in the gaming market today , And we have received rumors that the company offers relative compensation to game creators who have not been protected for a reasonable period of time by the pirates. Now Hitman 2 and Resident Evil 7 are joining this list - and other works may follow suit to make a similar move.

Denuvo has decisively failed to delay the Hitman 2 piracy attempt - and now it is gone, a few months after the launch

These two games, from Warner Bros. Interactive Resident and Capcom respectively are notable examples of the fact that the combination of advanced file protections does not necessarily guarantee peace of mind - the seventh Resident Evil was breached two years ago in less than a week from its official launch as the first major title for 2017, while Hitman 2 was even more hit a few months ago When it broke even before its official commercial launch. These are not achievements that, They would be happy to be proud of them in public, no doubt.

Also disappeared in Resident Evil 7, after two whole years - and only a few days before the S- Resident Evil 2's Remix failed in a few days

Parallel to removing the Resident Evil 7 defenses, the CODEX breakout group was able to crack the latest version of the defense by , Which was nicknamed the 5.5 version - and thus pirated on the net also the impressive innovation of Resident Evil 2, so it seems that the race and the struggle between defenders and attackers will continue full force in 2019, and distributors such as Capcom will continue to be a dilemma whether to keep or give up the protection of After the titles were hacked and distributed free of charge to anyone, when removal of the mechanism may be a tailwind to the lawbreakers, while retaining it will affect, as noted above, primarily those who purchased the work legally and standard.

What should be the right choice for you? As always, welcome to share comments.