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New Gaming Application in the Field: Let's Get GTA: San Andreas Free

The creator of a games series The adorable adopts the new hot trend in the gaming market - launching its own dedicated client for the letters it wants you to download and install

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If you have the opportunity to play in the various titles of a company Games (and if not, you probably can't call yourself gaming enthusiasts) You probably also have the time to encounter the strange Social Club system which it has incorporated as a defense and social arena for them, from 2008 to the present and for all platforms where the Her titles are in both the stationary and the mobile world.

Very few like the Social Club, judging by the plethora of discussions on the topic across the Web, but Rockstar likes to do things in their own unique way and it doesn't seem that this mechanism is going to disappear any time soon - in fact, the successful PC company is now launching for PC owners A new desktop that will accompany the system under the name Rockstar Games Launcher.

Is it possible that this launch, four years after the last game of Who came to, Is a preparation for some new announcement - such as for example Dead Redemption 2 (and First Dead Redemption in Updated Version)? Wouldn't hurt to fantasize a bit

The fresh application will serve as one convenient and convenient point for updates to Rockstar's games, integrating cloud retention so that you can continue from the same point on any system you use, purchasing games and add-ons for them, and of course running those you have. However, it is worth noting that the company has less than ten titles available for PCs - and the addition of another gaming application to install with those of , Epic Games, EA Games, , GOG, Bethesda, Already existing is not exactly a welcome business for those who are interested in maximum order and organization.

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Give you one of the best open world crowns ever created for free - won't you?

To bring as many users as possible to the new and strange venture, the developer is offering the wonderful and renowned GTA: San Andreas game as a free gift for installers, for a limited time only. It is likely that this is the updated 2014 version of the title which unfortunately includes a significant reduction in the number of songs available (due to licensing and copyright issues for these content) - but this is a nice benefit in every case as far as we are concerned.

What do you think about Games Launcher? Let's tell in the comments.

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