No more games for free: EA cancels the On The House initiative

No more free games: EA cancels the On The House project

At a time when it seems that most online gaming stores have adopted a similar method of advertising and publishing - the big games distributor is ending the distribution of free games on its own personal platform

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We love to get free games, old and classic and modern, and to our delight today there are quite a few platforms that offer us exactly every few weeks - the Humble Store, the GOG store and Are a few examples, when each one does so in its own way and for different reasons.

To this "generosity league", EA Games, which offered an on-house project on its Origin platform, has also distributed free, variable titles to all registrants. A really nice way to increase the number of potential users in a service that aims to compete with a monster like .

One example of dozens of high-quality games offered to decision-makers for several days - without paying a cent

After about four years and 35 different games (not all of them were available in all countries of the world), plus 13 DLC packages, which were awarded free of charge - in EA are now announcing the end of the road, and that the program in question ends, unfortunately. It is not entirely clear whether the company is planning to offer some alternative to free old games, but it is reasonable to assume that the goal here is to make all the efforts to the Origin Access service, which offers a lot of "free" games as well.

The monthly service that will expand and develop is the root of the decision to cancel? It is reasonable to assume, though it is not certain that we will receive an official response

As long as we see the launch of this service officially here in the Holy Land, and especially the upgraded version that will offer even direct streaming via the network, we will not oppose it. Until then, we will focus on the hope that the other gaming platforms will not decide to stop the free distributions as well.


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