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No random loot boxes, meanwhile: Call of Duty Modern Warfare another minute here

Original Article: Final System Requirements Unveiled - And Now We Get In Line With Positive Potential For The Official Launch Of The Curious Action Title

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In about a week, the most intriguing headline of the In recent years - Modern Warfare. Yes yes, just like the quality hit from 2007 that is more responsible than any other game for turning the series into such a huge cash machine.

The freshly-awaited episode in the action series promises to return to the sources with a plot game with an emphasis on realism like we have not yet seen in the games And with online gameplay modes that try to ignore modern trends and focus on what has worked properly in the past - and so far, many fans, both veterans and youngsters, seem to like these directions. Will visitors also evaluate the election with flattering scores? We are about to find out very soon.

To run Modern Warfare in the 2019 version you will need a volume Absolutely massive free - 175GB according to the official statements of the developer, which made it clear that this is a maximum figure which also takes into account the added content that will be added to the game in later stages and unique technological capabilities such as beam tracking support. However, it's hard to ignore the fact that more and more recent titles require volumes of 100GB and above on users' storage drives - and at this rate it will be challenging to keep a modern, diverse gaming library in your home system without ever having to remove and frequently install games that nobody really wants.

Modern Warfare promises to look much better than any other CoD game from the past - and requires fairly modern hardware because of that, even as the most basic

The game's basic requirements include a dual-core Core i3-4340 processor or a hexagonal FX-6300 processor, 8GB dynamic memory and a GeForce GTX 670, GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card or HD 7950. Recommended requirements come with RAM 12GB, Core i5-2500K quad or hexagonal Ryzen 5 1600X processor and GeForce GTX 970 sample, GeForce GTX 1660 sample or sample RX 580.

Not every element of the new game is highly realistic, noteworthy

There are also ultimate hardware requirements to run the game at the highest quality Ultra - where you'll find 16GB of dynamic memory, GeForce RTX 2080 Super card as the lone option and processor type i7-9700K or type 7 2700X

For dessert, a statement from the Chief of Design on Modern Warfare makes it clear that there will be no loot boxes with a random element (commonly referred to as Loot Box), at least at the beginning, while micro-transactions since it will include visual elements. And only cosmetic with no effect on the gameplay itself.

We are happy that there is no plan to add a real money gambling element to the game - but we will only be really calm when it is a final and signed statement

This is encouraging information for most players, no doubt, though it should be accepted with slight skepticism as it is a statement of the situation currently known - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 also started without any loot boxes, but these were added later as a directive Which might have come from those responsible for the financing at the end of the chain, with no real influence on the part of those responsible for the development itself. Let's hope it won't be the fate of the fresh game - and we will keep you updated, of course.

The title supports RTX technology and was developed with close assistance from a company - who will also offer it for free when purchasing some of its video cards (or gaming gaming with its video cards)

updating: The launch is just days away, and we get an official trailer for the PC version of the game - with a promise to support resolutions of Unlimited software rhythms (whatever the means of display and hardware you are capable of), support for screen number arrays, online battles of up to 64 players with the ability to play together with console personnel and of course exclusive for parent company Activision- platform.


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  1. It is worth noting the returns of the developer.

    I bought BO4 at launch, and after a few days found out that Multiplier has reduced the game maps to a very limited number, to sell an expansion pack that adds more 12 maps, no less than $ 60, which is the original price of the game itself.

    Not some skins for player or weapon, but $ 120 to play multiplayer, crazy! It's not some DLC (which isn't priced at the original price of the games either). Only maps.

    Laughing at human intelligence.

    1. Remember, they were the first to raise the game price to $ 60 at the time of Modern Warfare 2, and all the other companies jumped after them.
      I haven't played COD since.

      Whatever they make of COD Style EA, every year it plays with minor changes… right before FIFA before PES arrived and changed everything.

      The question, who will be the head of COD?

  2. I believe or more of the Hope Institute that at least regarding the multiplayer it must be something different at such a time that there are loads of free / paid multiplayer games.

    What's more, this is the only remaining title that is run similarly to soldiers in the army and not creatures from the Lhelands planet unfortunately.

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