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Non-stop promotions, even at the Green Man Gaming store

Also the competitor 's platform Initiated the project Widely held on the occasion of the end of the Gregorian year, including some proposals that we have not yet seen

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Steam's operations failed to convince you? In the GMG gaming store They will be happy to try and complete you What is missing. Here are some of the most prominent promotions we've found here, and nowhere else on the web.

  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate, launched less than a month ago, Thanks to its much finished and polished product, much more than Unity's 2014 year, it is already offered for half its price - $ 30 only
  • Cities Cities: Skylines is offered at a nice discount with a price tag of 12 USD
  • Middle Earth: The magnificent Shadow of Mordor, in its full version of the Game of the Year, sells for only $ 11.25
  • Planetary Annihilation: Titans, the separate expansion pack for Supreme Commander's spiritual successor, is offered with a price tag of 13.6 Dollar
  • The unique Indie survival game This War of Mine is offered at 6.8 only
  • Mortal Kombat X is also offered at half its full price - 30 dollars
  • The Lowest Price Pillars of Eternity Role Play We Have Met So Far - 18 Dollars
  • The new Hard Action roleplay, which is an alternative to XCOM with Wild West style, is sold at 14 Dollars


The campaigns will continue to be updated in the coming days, and you are invited as always to share with us interesting offers that you have found, whether in GMG or anywhere else.

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