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תגובה אחת

In recent weeks NoobTube has been working vigorously on content Invested and interesting. Enter new videos and updates

We channel "NoobTube", or "Noviob Trio", whatever you want to call us. We are Uzi Mor, Nadav Pesach and Yaron Granot and we run a channel Around gaming that provides different types of content - from hardware to gaming, from our games with the community to panels around games that are either going out or about to go out.

We set up our channel about three years ago when the idea and goal were the same as what they are today - to make a center for Israeli gamers who can talk, get interested and get information and content around the world of games.

It is important to us that as in Israel, here too, there will be a strong (and committed) gaming community that will bring with it industry in the hope of developing games in Israel, as well as masses of people who consume this kind of content.

We hope that we will accomplish the task and bring you the highest quality content possible. So keep on playing - bye bye

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The Squad is committed

In this corner we bring you our games to live as a unit, in a variety of games and into the night. You can see the game from all three points of view to get a more tactical and interesting understanding of the game. So far we have played in Battelfield 4, Loadout, DAYZ and ARMA 3, but much more on the way!


So I went out to play a beta of Titanfall and open the corner of the panel, where we will review games that will come out and games that will come out. Let me say thank you to Ilan Schuster who organized the key for me to express, without which I would not be able to play early in this excellent game.

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"For all newcomers we say Put helmets, vests Check your cartridges are full because it's going to be a mess!" - NoobTube