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Nostalgia for the Launch: All Half-Life series games are available for free

Company Want to ensure that as many players as possible get excited and interested in the launch of the interesting VR title Half-Life: Alyx - and allow us all to experience the previous creations in the masterpiece series for free over the next two months

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This March, we will return to our great Half-Life series after over a decade of coma - with a new game only available to eyewear owners .

The Valve developer is convinced that VR is the future and ready to take risks to illustrate this to everyone, but it's hard to ignore that this is not a simple commercial challenge at all: it is likely that the number of virtual reality glasses owners is significantly smaller than the total number of fans of the action games series Would consider purchasing Half-Life: Alyx if it was also available in classic mouse, keyboard and screen formats. In other words, the owner of the platform She needs every trick she has up her sleeve to help Alyx become a success story - and now she's revealing her joker.

Free games for everyone! For a generous period of about two months

In the company Declare that all the main episodes in the Half-Life series, Starting with the original 1998 classic (and its slightly updated version based on the Source Engine), through the legendary Half-Life 2 and Episode 1 with Episode 2 that followed it, to the spin-off games of Half-Life: Blue Shift and Half- Life: Opposing Force - Everyone will be available for free download and installation for the Platform users Until the day Half-Life: Alyx is officially launched.

Half-Life: Alyx on the way to becoming the biggest hit to date in the virtual reality gaming realm? This is something that will be very interesting to discover in the near future

Anyone who has not yet had the chance to experiment with these popular titles, and anyone interested in a reminder of the events and events so far (after all, it has been 13 years since the last official episode) can do so now without paying a penny - and then decide whether they are interested in purchasing the upcoming Alyx , With a price of $ 202.45 after a 10 percent discount. A particularly worthwhile offer, or will that not save the title on the way? Let's talk about it in the comments.

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