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Now on the Net: An up-to-date Xbox One S console with three exciting games

The latest All Digital model of the popular Microsoft saloon console from Microsoft, with Generous built-in terabyte but without optical drive, sold at a significant price cut and limited time in Italian Amazon

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Not every day you run into an offer for An overseas game that pays off and can also be booked directly into the Holy Land - so today can certainly be considered your lucky day.

Amazon Italy lowers the price for a package of the console S All Digital, the latest and cheapest version of Microsoft originally launched a few months ago - a base price of 150 Euros, or 194.88 Euros price includes shipping and VAT, which will provide you with the console with One terabyte, one game controller, game trio and one month access to the Live Gold online.

This is the price of about NIS 760, including a conversion fee of one percent of the total transaction, which is an interesting alternative to offers available in the country for the console - at initial prices of NIS X without any games at all. For the addition of NIS 700, you will gain access to the popular Minecraft console version (which carries a full 60 Euro price tag on the platform), access to even more popular Fortnite with a unique random skin and also 20 virtual V-Bucks coins worth around 2,000 Euro and access to the game The pirate Sea of ​​Thieves worth about EUR 20,000.

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Purchase a console Never been cheaper (and lucrative) again

If one or more of these titles are winking at you - this online deal is definitely worth it.

Xbox One S All Digital console with three low-cost titles

A recent sub-model of the Xbox One S with no optical drive, along with three popular digital configuration games and a one-month gift subscription to the Xbox Live Gold service - at a very competitive price

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It is worth mentioning that this version of the console does not include optical media reader, and is based on connectivity to the Microsoft online store through which you can purchase and download any game available for the. what do you think? Let's talk about it in the comments.


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