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Official: Battlefield V gets exposure

EA Games will unveil in a few days the title that may be its biggest and most ambitious year for 2018

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Shortly after Activision circled almost everyone, for better or for worse, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which will be significantly different from all its predecessors when it abandons a single-player game mode for online game modes combined with the popular Battle Royale plot, With huge maps and tools - We are officially confirmed that the main competitor's answer to the military action games genre is on the way.

Several weeks of rumors about Wednesday, the 23 in May, as the timing for the unveiling of the next installment in the series , That he would have to go into the big (very) shoes he leaves 1, now validated as part of the official Twitter account of the series - which changed its nickname to V and even provides us with a few pieces of detail about the style and approach we expect towards the end of the year.

The new Call of Duty chose to go in a fairly original direction - can you expect a similar move from the successful series from EA Games? Exposure very soon

Those responsible for the account confirmed that unlike the CoD competitor, Of 2018 year will also contain a traditional single-player game mode with a focus on several different characters in different positions within the campaign (similar to the 1) - this in addition to updated online game modes with a focus on collaborative team effort and also promise of significant gameplay changes compared to previous episodes.

Want to try and guess what period and where they will land us in This time, after it emerged back into World War I?

So is it possible that in this case, too, seems to be some attempt to acquire the wave of unthinkable popularity of works such as PUBG and Fortnite? In a few days the answers.

Will be interesting, both separately and in the inevitable comparison of the new Black Ops


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  1. Quote of smootskin

    COD is simply shocking, hoping that BF will return to their favor

    From what I've seen so far, COD BO4 looks a lot more promising than BF5

    Quote of dask1

    If EA takes out BR you can bury the pubg officially.

    At present, Fortnite has buried the PUBG, in every possible aspect that exists.

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