On the way to the century The insane numbers of GTA V continue to rise

He is celebrating his four birthday soon, but the title of the wonderful open world of Games continues to star in the financial statements of the distributor 2K

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Maybe it's the online situation that keeps being kept up-to-date, about players and making them choose to buy a genuine copy instead of downloading a pirated version, maybe it's the universe of the game that has become bigger and more diverse than ever before, perhaps it's the first body mode that gives a whole new perspective to the series, The fact that he is much lighter and more cheerful than 4 "adult" - apparently no one knows the exact reason for this, but the bottom line is very clear: V is a game of unprecedented success, which manages to keep its interest and relevance even years after launch, against any logic in the gaming market.

2K Games, the proud distributor of violent and high-quality work, announced its official figures for the last quarter of 2016, with a statement that " V 75 accumulated a million copies that were marketed to the stores (this is apparently a different number of copies actually sold to players, but it is reasonable to assume that in this particular case the two data are not too far apart).

This wonderful game continues to rise to new heights with every new economic report

Given that in the previous quarter we received a statement about 70 million copies of the game marketed - it turns out that V added 5 million units to its counter in the last three months of 2016 - and it's a great statistic that many new titles just launched were probably not opposed to seeing them, so for a game that reached the consoles of the current generation two and a half years ago and personal computers almost two years ago is a huge success with continuity Which is unlike any other. If all this data is not enough, the numbers of V in 2016 was actually a slight increase over the numbers in 2015, so the title not only keeps consumers interested, but even manages to accelerate it!

V contributed quite a bit to the bottom line of his distributor also thanks to the funds that came from purchases made within the online component of the game, Check Online

With the exception of Minecraft, which is in a completely different league in terms of its availability to almost every processing platform in this world and its price, V is undoubtedly the most successful game in the modern gaming era, and we can only try to describe the degree of pressure that exists (and will exist in the future) on those people who are responsible for creating the heir to this phenomenon, the next.

2K Games' successes have been recorded in the NBA's top basketball title, 2K17, from which seven million copies have been marketed so far and is on its way to becoming the company's most successful sport to date - and Civilization 6, which marketed 1.5 one million units, Of the entire addictive series to a total of 40 million units. Even the Mafia 3, which has received very cool reactions from critics, has managed to reach a good sales volume of 5 million units since its launch in October 2016.

It is not at all certain that he has a chance from the start, but there is no doubt that the next title of Rockstar will have to give us something very special in order to tickle the achievements of the - The fifth

If something of the current rate is maintained in the coming year, there seems to be no reason why V will not be able to cross an unbelievable level of 100 million units sold, perhaps two years from now - and at the same time, it seems that the entire 2K thing is already tied to the Red Dead Redemption 2, which will be the closest thing to the title Which we will receive in the near future. Will he succeed in breaking all of his own records? You are welcome to provide us with your guesswork and feedback.