One of the most successful diablo coordinators makes a comeback at Steam

Remember the Great Quest? It celebrates a decade and is now available on the gaming platform with an updated version and at an operational price

A few weeks ago, Austrian company Nordic Games, which acquired a large part of the rights to the games and brand of the famous American distributor THQ when it broke up and was cut to pieces in 2014, announced its change of name and official branding to THQ Nordic - to give new life to its popular brand and legacy.

Now, we get a first look at the company's actions with the new-old name, and they are quite surprising. THQ Nordic has decided to re-launch the Titan Quest, a great action-RPG, which was originally launched in 2006 and is now celebrating a decade. This Diablo-like genre was created by a young studio composed of former Blizzard ex-employees who had previously worked on the legendary 2, and chose to replace his demons with a variety of threatening monsters from the Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, and Babylonian mythologies.

Titan Quest was reborn, roughly - with online mode and Steam Workshop support
Titan Quest Reborn, roughly - with online mode and Workshop

Titan Quest received a warm reception and expansion package that improved many of the early problems and was even better, but all this did not help the title become the big hit needed by the studio and closed in 2008 - when the game itself has been revived in recent years with the transition to - And its online services, after the DigitalSpy platform in which the game originally used stopped functioning.

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Let us hope that the modding community of the title will also be revived thanks to THQ Nordic's move
Let us hope that the modding community of the title will also be revived thanks to THQ Nordic's move

Back to the present - THQ Nordic has re-launched Titan Quest and the Immortal Throne expansion pack under the name Anniversary Edition, which is automatically granted free to all who have previously purchased the game through Steam and include The list is almost endless Modern fixes (high resolutions and the possibility to change the size of the user interface, for example) and changes in the delicate balance the game offers. Impressive work and certainly invested for a title that enters his teenage years, and in any other situation was already thrown into oblivion - when players are also impressed with the bill, with 89 percent of positive reviews in the- Based on more than 1,000 votes.

Could this be all preparation for Titan Quest 2? We'll hold our fingers
Perhaps this is all preparation Quest 2? We'll hold our fingers

So if you feel a warm nostalgia that takes over you to see the pictures from the game, or you have never tried it before and you want to find out what the fuss is about - the new Titan Quest is now available for $ 5 only (as opposed to the standard price of 20 dollars) They are in Steam And they GOG store Without file protections. Enjoy!