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One Today, Two Tomorrow: Free Online Games

Don't forget to pick up the free deals at Before they disappear

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Last Call to Gamers: You Have Last Hours to Pick Up the Fez Platform Game for Free at any Store - And come back for a second round tomorrow with two more free games worthy.

Fez is a puzzle, platform and thinking game originally created for the console 360 in 2012, and came to the PCs a year later while receiving the most rave reviews - an average of 91 from 100 on the Metacritic site, which made it one of the most recognized indie games around in 2013 and overall. Now you can add it to your library for free, instead of a standard cost of 10 dollars.

It looks like a standard, innocent two-dimensional platform game - but that's not what is hiding beneath the surface

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Starting tomorrow (Friday, the 30 in August) and back for a week The dual gaming division at the Epic Store, With the Inside and Celeste platform writers offering each radically different style but sharing the great sympathy of both the professional critics and the actors alike. Nice gaming!

Three new and high quality games in 24 hours - not to be missed


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