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BioWare's next game: Always online, free of charge DLC

The new creation of the people who brought us Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic is revealed in elaborate detail - with features that should appeal to the general public as well as those that are slightly less

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Anthem is one of Electronic Arts' biggest aces for the coming year, without a doubt, with a rich new world that will try to recreate the great successes Mass Mass Effect and Dragon Age have experienced at the beginning - with a combination of action and roles in a universe packed with advanced robotic suits and burners A jet that allows to fly freely from point to point.

A fresh play video presented at the exhibition 2018 has made it clear to us that players can choose from four different mechanical suits used to define their basic characteristics and abilities, similar to what can be found in almost every other role-playing game - in this case, this swap can be performed before each task, thus tasting all available game styles, No need to restart it for that.

The action looks promising and the visual quality is nice too, but the bigger gospel about Anthem is that the game will have no additional future DLC content paid, nor any real money purchase offers that will have any effect on the gameplay itself (but only on the outside appearance) - A kind of experience to learn from past mistakes in Battlefront 2, as well as adapting to the very successful business model of titles such as PUBG and Fortnite.

The players are only 'operators' for futuristic suits - and can therefore be justified can replace all character characteristics at any given time

What will be a little less gratifying, at least for some of the gamers community, is that the game will require a permanent connection to EA's dedicated network and servers to operate, even when you choose to experience it alone with no online friends - and it already feels like part of a growing trend that will serve as the ultimate solution (? ) To the pirate problems in gaming. Despite this requirement, Anthem will not include the ability to fight other players at the outset - and perhaps not later, as the developer defined it as a possibility that they are currently exploring without further commitment.

Anthem feels like EA's version of Destiny games - for all the users, for the better but also for the worse

Anthem will come to personal computers and and the- 4 on 22 in February 2019.

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