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Watch: Just Cause 4

3 Update: It's here - after the pictures, the teasers and the trailer, we have a chance to see the actual gameplay of the new episode in Rico Rodriguez's plot.

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Although it is a very early version of the game (Pre-Alpha), but it seems that the creators decided to raise the chaos step further, and plan to give players a variety of creative ways to destroy everything new in their environment. pleasant viewing!

2 Update: The game was revealed during a press conference B- With a first play video that shows a great deal of the elements we have already gotten used to from the series, and an increased emphasis on the weather conditions and their impact on the experience of the game.

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updating: Just Cause 4 may not have been officially presented yet The first bombastic ones have already found their way to the net.

The original article: Super-agent Rico Rodríguez is about to return to another military coup mission, it seems

Not everyone liked Just Cause 3, which provided quite a few technical issues at launch - but with fun gameplay that offers great destruction and chaos opportunities, as only a few other games know, it's no surprise to discover that this series will have continuity nonetheless. An initial hint of this was another Wal-Mart chain last month - and now the Platform Store Decides to ratify the existence of Just Cause 4, before the creators got their chance to surprise us.

Just Cause 4 is true and real, beyond any doubt, with the offer to make an early purchase it is estimated that its launch date is not too far away - and may even be set for the end of the current year when it is officially presented, probably as part of the E3 2018 exhibition. Is Swedish Avalanche Studios who created the series and developed all the previous episodes (and was only recently acquired by the company From Denmark called Nordisk Film) is responsible for this time too? It is natural to appreciate that.

The single picture we have may suggest that the new chapter will offer a more 'serious' atmosphere than we previously received - or at the very least, a more tropical and gloomy geographical area

Until we get official information about Just Cause IV, Avalanche Studios has provided us with the announcement of another intriguing game they are currently developing - Generation Zero, which will be a collaborative action-survival game (according to the hottest market trend, of course) where human players will fight mechanical creations And terrific robots, somewhat reminiscent of those famous from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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תגובה אחת

  1. The G-ZERO opening troubles me!
    Why is there a Walkman on the ground? What it means? Does this mean that advanced devices such as chips cannot be used? After all, it makes no sense. Walkman also has chips. And if the world really suffers from a lack of technology… then how on earth do these elaborate robots work?

    Beyond that the graphics look great!
    (Waiting patiently for RAGE2 + BORDERLANDS3.)
    JUST CAUSE 1 was stunning at the time! _ (I especially liked the travel and parachute)
    JUST CAUSE 2 was a blast with the GRAPPEL HOOK.
    In JC3 I enjoyed much less.

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