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Other game offers you should not ignore

Another day has passed, and more titles are joining the Humble Store campaign

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We want to stop telling you about more and more games at prices Take care to empty your digital wallet - but it seems to be just stronger than we are. The fourth promotional day at the Humble Store has arrived, bringing with it a few more suggestions that we simply have to share with you:

  • Monolith Productions' excellent action game originally launched last year, Shadow of Mordor, in the Game of the Year version that also includes all the DLC content created for it - for 30 dollars
  • The revolutionary action series games (for her time) Faction at big discounts - $ 2 only for The original Faction and Faction 2 each, and 4 dollars for Faction: Guerrilla and Faction: Armageddon each
  • The Supreme Commander real-time strategy game, combining it and its Forged Alliance expansion pack, for 5 dollars
  • Strategy game in a series that does not sell enough Expeditions: Conquistador cost of 5 dollars
  • Legend of Grimrock 2 illustrious in the price of quartz of 6 dollars
  • A nostalgic punch pack that includes all the Commandos series games, at a funny price of just $ 1.3
  • The long-range tactical action game, the Full Spectrum Warrior, in a package that includes its Ten Hammers expansion package for 3
  • Nuclear Dawn, a unique title combining first-class action and strategy with an eye-catching perspective and never appreciated for its sake, at 2 dollars only
If you have not yet tried Shadow of Mordor, perhaps the best Lord of the Rings game ever created - this is now a great opportunity to make the opening
If you haven't tried Shadow of Mordor yet, perhaps the best Lord of the Rings game ever created - now is a great opportunity to do the annexation

At the same time, the 'package train' initiative that we told you two days ago has also been updated, allowing you to now select up to five of the Devolver Digital distributor, with a huge discount of up to 90.

To illustrate, you can choose the updated Shadow Warrior from 2013, Serious Sam 3: BFE, Serious Sam 2 and the updated HD versions for the first two Serious Sam episodes - and pay for all of these 12.5 dollars.

Fun shopping - assuming you still have the money to realize them.

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