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Pampering for the Weekend: Two completely free games

Space Horror and Strategy Headlines Expect You From Free Now And Forever In Two Different Online Stores - Only If You Are Agile Enough

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Another weekend and more free games await you in different corners of the net - when we obviously make sure to concentrate your information elsewhere so you don't miss a chance.

On the And the Humble Store is offered at no cost to the entire strategy game and the 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) in the Endless Space 2012 space in its full version, along with an expansion pack called Disharmony.

The headline will be available for free for the next 24 hours to launch a fresh expansion pack for the sequel to Endless Space 2, which was originally launched in 2017 - all you need to do is log in with your user (or create a new one) and click the link - and don't forget to start the game in the library. - Yours until the end of the current month, as the same code you receive will expire after that.

Endless Space Collection

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At the same time, in Offered until Thursday of next week (the 19 in September) the tension and psychological horror game Conarium - forever free for those who add it to their digital library during this time, instead of the official recommended 20 dollar price.

What's even less interesting, and perhaps even more so, than the current free title is the epic store's mysterious promise to offer free games or games starring Dark Knight Batman, starting Thursday of next week - without specifying which creations or creations are worth mentioning Because right now, the young online platform Does not include any brand title. In other words - even next week we are expecting intriguing offers at absolutely no cost!


Click here to go to the free distribution page on the Epic Store

Think you're guessing which games are just about to land on Next week, and which of them will be offered free to all registered gamers?


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  1. Obviously it will be BATMAN Batman: The Enemy Within
    And if it is generous or the budget allows then there is no reason we will not accept ARKHAM ASYLUM

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