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Winter weekend indulgence: Two new free games

Store Store and the Humble Store provide you with the days when there is no strong desire to leave the house

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Are you sitting in your home looking for an original way to warm up and pass the time? We have two such opportunities for you now, especially if you like games that don't cost you anything.

The excellent triangular division we told you last week at a company store Finished - and the same replaces the splendid platform title for Sundered: Eldritch Edition.

This Metroidvania creation was originally launched in 2017, received positive feedback in the vast majority of cases and is now offered free to all who are registered on the platform - instead of a full price of $ 20, or NIS 73.95 from the competitor . This offer will be available until Thursday next week, January 16, when the title of the unusual Horace platform will be replaced.

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Sundered: Eldritch Edition

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Sundered can also be played in collaboration with up to three friends - and the next free game, Headsnatchers, which is freely distributed to subscribers to the Humble Store platform and, Created to enjoy it with friends. In this headline officially launched just two months ago, you will have to grab the head of your opponent's characters and use it for a host of strange purposes ... before anyone gets ahead of you and grabs your character's head.

Headsnatchers will be free to pick up this coming Monday, January 12 - instead of paying a full price of $ 15.

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updating: Free inventory seems to be over sooner than intended, and now Headsnatchers can no longer be obtained for free (but only at half price - $ 7.5). Hope you have your time to snatch it up!



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