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Celebrate Last Day: Great Steam Game Deals

A few days off for Halvin's holiday opens in the digital store - with a focus on various horror films

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You probably didn't even have the power to start missing out on the gaming promotions Since the days of the weekend - but it already deserves a fresh wave of intriguing offers, this time for Halloween, or Halvin, with a dedicated design and selection to match the atmosphere. As always, we have collected the most scrupulous suggestions for you - so you can only choose the favorite and purchase it.

Resident Evil 2's impressive and successful remake From the beginning of the current year is now offered at half its price - NIS 143.5.

Dark Souls 3 The daunting, challenging and exemplary is available at a minimal price of NIS 53.25 - or at a NIS 75.5 price along with its Season Pass package, which includes a pair of significant and worthwhile expansion episodes. also Dark Souls Remastered, The first installment in the renowned trilogy that received quality modernization, was sold at a discounted price of NIS 89.97.

Dark Souls 3

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The weird and special management game Graveyard Keeper, Where you will run your own virtual cemetery, sold for half the price - NIS 36.97.

So does the brilliant platform game Hollow Knight, Which holds 95 positive reviews based on reviews from more than 45,000 players, is now available at half price - NIS 27.97 only, with the addition of NIS 9.25 for its Gods & Nightmares expansion.

The fresh and successful role-playing game Remnant: From the Ashes, From Darksiders 3, which was officially launched two months ago - sold for NIS 104.96, which is a 30 percent cut of its recommended price.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Role playing Vampyr, Which can hold vampire enthusiasts until the arrival of Vampire: The Masquerade - delayed next year's Bloodlines 2, sold for NIS 64.58 - with a DLC package for it at a discounted NIS 7.37 price.

Devil May Cry 5 The finest is sold at half price, NIS 143.5 for the base package of the game along with 100,000 Digital Soul Red Bonus which serves as a means of payment for abilities and objects - and if you like you can choose the full package with all the bonus content of the title at NIS X price.

The online competitive action game Hunt: Showdown, From the Crysis series creator, sold at a discount of 30 percent with a cost tag of NIS 104.3.

The tactical role-play in turns that will make you addicted quickly, Darkest Dungeon, Sold in NIS 27.88 for its base package - and NIS 69.85 for the full package with all the DLC extensions created for it.

The title of the gathering and the refreshing and high-quality adventure A Plague Tale: Innocence, Which was officially launched just a few months ago, is available at a significant discount with the price of NIS 107.4 - and NIS 5.36 for an additional DLC package.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

The horror and mystery game Call of Cthulhu, Launched exactly one year ago, is now selling for half price - NIS 79.97.

For dessert, this is not a horror game but it is an excellent game that is now being offered at a great discount - Yakuza 0 The weird, ridiculous and interesting company company Available at a cost of NIS 28.2, one third of its full price.

Yakuza 0

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