Past games that make a comeback at Steam

Interesting games from the past land for the first time on the The largest - years after they were originally created

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The last few weeks have provided us, as always, An almost inconceivable number of new games, Many of which are not very familiar or interesting, some great AAA titles and speakers - and some interesting games from previous years that migrate to the big platform and you should definitely know about their existence.

The most prominent on the list is undoubtedly the title of the colorful and refreshing action Sunset Overdrive, A collaboration between Microsoft Studios and Insomniac (which is responsible for the Ratchet & Clank series, Spyro The Dragon and Resistance) - as one of the exclusive launch games of the console,. The game did not win a leading brand of the console, but now it seems that it enjoys a renewed delight in the PC with 90 positive percentage in the game,, Four years after its original launch.

Sunset Overdrive

We hope that the success of Sunset Overdrive will also convince you you too Invest the necessary resources in converting as many exclusive games as possible into personal computers - even if it happens a few good years after being launched for the console that is relevant to them.

The psychological and surreal action game Killer7, Which became a cult hit originally on the GameCube and 2 Somewhere before 13 years and gave Japanese creator Guichi Soda (Suda51) his legendary name, suddenly came to the players of the - Is equipped with a price tag of 73.95 Shekalim - and despite a much less general interest than the game from the previous paragraphs 97 enjoys a great percentage of positive reviews from 300 players who decided to give him a chance.


Also an ambitious action-role game Hellgate: London, Who came to the PCs originally in 2007 from Flagship Studios, which consisted of a developer of Blizzard North, Under the hands of the Korean distributor HanbitSoft - and in this case it seems that the controversial approach it won the product at the beginning of his life continues with him in reincarnation, with 64 percentage positive reviews from 900 data from different grades.

Hellgate: London

Dessert, Steam has added no less than eight classic games from LucasArts' game development arm, Which in the past was one of the most prominent names in the entire field before it found itself in difficulties and ceased to exist entirely in the era of ownership .

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Among the games you will find a pair of action titles starring the one and only Indiana Jones, the action game Wild West Outlaws, the racing game Episode 1 Racer launched alongside the first episode of the second Star Wars movie trilogy - and the immortal adventure games Sam and Max Hit the Road and Escape from Monkey Island.

Episode 1 Racer

If all this nostalgia is not enough for you - perhaps it is better to mention you too The game Onimusha: Warlords From Capcom, which is expected to land at Steam in the middle of next month , Sony and Nintendo), 18 years (!!) After winning a great success in the console, 2. If this is not considered an unexpected comeback, we are not sure what is.

Onimusha: Warlords

Which of these is the most winking for you, if at all? Let's talk about it in comments.