Players will want to protect the new Lara Croft

Ron Rosenberg, the game's producer, says the players this year will feel the need to protect Lara Croft in contrast to previous games where she was fearless and uninhibited

In an interview Kotaku, Explains game producer Ron Rosenberg, what's so special about the new Tomb Raider game: "When the players play Lara's character, they do not really put their brakes into the character, they're more in the direction of 'I want to protect it,' ' And I will try to defend it. '" "She is still a hero but the actor will be a kind of helper." When we see Lara face the various challenges, we will begin to connect to her in such a way that we will not be able to connect to a male figure. "

A scene from the game revealed that Lara Croft would be raped - Lara was taken prisoner on the island of robbers after they kidnapped her boyfriend and there they will try to rape her. "She literally becomes like an animal that sticks to the wall." "This scene is a huge step in her development: she has to fight back, or die."

Rosenberg also noted that the character would be less sensual and that the change in Lara's clothes in previous games was And in the new game it would be more appropriate, deliberate and would make Lara more human.

In an interview with Darrell Gallagher, head of the studio that develops the game, Crystal Dynamics. It is said that although both games are action-adventure style, there is a great difference between the plot, the main character and the gameplay.

After Rosenberg's statement that the game would include a rape scene, Darrell Gallagher issued a statement The main site of the game Rosenberg's interview was a misunderstanding. "The game will not include a scene with sexual content of any kind, we are sorry it was not properly explained, we will certainly be more careful with what he says in the future."

Game exported to 360, PS3 and the computer was due to fall this year, but was postponed to 5 for March 2013.