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PlayStation 5 consoles, with game developers right now

Launch of the next big home console from May occur in less than two years

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A year and a half has passed since the launch of the newest PlayStation console, Enhanced Pro, but it seems Sony's are not building a great continuity especially for it - and are already in the midst of Sisyphean development of the The fifth head, which is also in the hands of various game developers around the world in an early prototype version.

We already know that the current generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft are very similar in their characteristics, with hardware for general processing and graphic processing from the company - And Sony's next generation seems to continue the trend as well, based on eight cores of processing in modern Zen architecture (compared to the economical and significantly weaker Jaguar architecture of the current generation) and Graphically from the future Navi, which is to be based on the innovative production of 7 nanometers. It is not known whether this time, too, Sony will be based on Graphic (GDDR6? HBM2?) As A uniform system for both general processing and graphics, or beyond a more traditional architecture for each processing unit Its own dedicated.

Maybe that's what the new console will look like? In the meantime, these are just informal arrangements of amateurs

The transition to new production processes and new architectures could transform the 5 is as powerful as 2 or 3 from the 4 Pro, apparently, as part of similar power consumption and use of a similar mantle of the product - all while continuing to reduce the existing differences between the world of consoles and personal computers, which will allow games from one platform to another with relative ease - and with support for applications And perhaps also Much more advanced.

Will all the hardware within the PS5 in its final version be based on an innovative 7 nanometer? This will certainly enable a tangible technological leapfrog

The current prophecies predict that the next generation console will be unveiled towards the end of next year, or perhaps even during 2020 - six or seven years after the arrival of the 4, which closely match the life cycles we have seen in the Balloon consoles Starting with the first generation and will probably give Sonny plenty of time to cross 100's ultra-luxury sales line to a million units for the products sold in stores today. Will Microsoft also soon distribute next-generation products to developers? Hopefully we will get answers as soon as possible.

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