Fire, Aircraft and Women: The Gameplay of Battlefield V (updated)

updating: Battlefield V, failure? Analyst Number to CNBC website That EA Games' action game suffers from a much weaker interest than the 1 two years ago, and also less than 85 than that of the main competitor, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Together, these figures do not paint a particularly positive picture for the title, which is going to be in line with some of the biggest and most talked-about games of the year 2018 as a whole. Is this the result of the controversial elections regarding historical inaccuracies (or inaccuracies)? In two months we'll find out.

Original Article: The Greatest Title of For the coming year offers a long and busy action trailer - including a small glimpse into the new Royale situation

The biggest European gaming show, Gamescom, is about to begin, but there are a few keys that have decided not to wait for the opening whistle and publish the great trailers they have prepared for the world.

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The new video is called 'The Destruction of the City of Rotterdam' and offers a look at various game scenes from the title that will be launched at 19 in October, with a fairly realistic view in style 1 but also what seems to be an emphasis on faster pace and greater environmental destruction than ever before. The style feels much more like games From the past compared to the original video game of V we saw in June, and it seems that the players themselves connect with him more judging by the positive responses in most of the channel Of the series, compared to the original trailer "kicked" by the masses.

Does the fresh trailer prove that V advanced in the right direction? Are invited to watch and decide for themselves

The most interesting part comes in the last few seconds of the video, where you can see an impressive fire and smoke ring that shrinks to a certain point on the map, as part of the new game mode inspired by the Battle Royale trend and will serve as a dynamic and fast equalizer for groups in online situations others. We still have a lot of details, but it is nice to see that there is no plan to blindly copy what exists in the parallel titles in the market, but rather to translate the successful formula into something that suits the rest of the atmosphere. V optimally.

In addition, the German site pcgameshardware Provides a very interesting finding About the possible support of the title for Ray Tracing, a technology that is about to become a commercial reality with the launch of the Turing Card generation . The game is indeed one of those officially supported by the green chip developer, and although there is no specific mention of the RTX technology (which is only one of several possible standards for traceability, in fact) V will be the first or one of the first in the market to realize the full potential of the V- RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti.

Information that can be enabled for on-screen display from the closed alpha version of V. Hope for the next big jump in graphics in the gaming world

If this is indeed the case, it will be very interesting to examine the graphic improvement that will be received and its impact on overall performance - so we will be very hopeful to receive more information on this subject in the coming days.