Get ready to conquer: Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will be launched on February 20 • HWzone

Prepare to conquer: Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will launch on 20 in February

Recovery to the legendary strategy game wins an updated launch date from Microsoft

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Veteran fans of the RTS genre are getting the first reason to get excited in the new year: the Definitive Edition version of the Age of Empires game, which actually "rebuilds" the work originally launched in 1997 with adaptability to modern display systems and resolutions, Will be launched in exactly one month - 20 in February 2018, after receiving a slight postponement of the planned launch late last year.

We already know that the new version will support high resolutions of up to (With up to 300 units in total), with the possibility to create a command queue for units and to give contextual commands to the various units - and a possibility for a local multiplayer game or service God- Live . Price - 20 USD for all interested.

This is a scene that you certainly could not have in the original Age of Empires

The renewed Age of Empires will also include a revamped and upgraded soundtrack, recorded narration for its feature campaigns that did not exist in the original version - and even editor maps and campaigns that will allow players to create and share new content based on existing ones. In addition, it is worth noting that the game will be available for purchase only through the official store of 10, and for this operating system only if we assume from a reasonably reasonable assumption that there is no version An alternative that awaits us around the corner at a later date.

After launching this version - we are supposed to get the Definitive Edition versions are also encouraged to the second game in the series, the third game - and finally the fourth chapter completely new

Are excited about the coming of the game, or its limitation to the not-so-popular gaming platform Will you boycott him? Feel free to share your comments with us.


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  2. כמי שהתנסה בבטא – לא סתם דחו את המשחק, הוא היה פשוט לא שחיק.
    אלמנטים בסיסיים שכל משחק RTS אמור לעמוד בסטנדרט שלו – פשוט לא עבדו.
    Path finding היה נוראי ופשוט לא עבד.
    החליפו מנוע לגמרי, והמשחק נהפך מ-700 מגה לכ-20 ג'יגה!
    כל מי שאפילו חושב בדעתו לקנות את המשחק, כדאי מאוד שיבדוק את הבטא הפתוחה.

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