Prepare your computer for the First World War

Final and formal system requirements of 1 is already here

With a fairly successful beta of more than 13 million players behind him and a big formal launch before him - 1 charges for 2016's largest action game title, and also tells us about the material components that will be required to run it correctly.

According to the not-very detailed EA Games announcement, the intriguing new title will require an Intel Core i5-6600K quad-core processor or FX-6350 hexagon processor As a basic requirement, along with 8GB or more RAM, free 50GB storage, 500 XB or more, and a video card HD 7850 or GeForce GTX 660 model, next to the operating system type 7, 8.1 or 10 in 64 bit versions only.

Generation medium-sized and relatively old graphics cards - but also relatively up-to-date and relatively advanced processors
Generation of medium and relatively old video cards - but also Updated and relatively advanced

The recommended requirements include a more powerful and up-to-date Intel Core i7-4790 quad-core processor or FX-8350 octagonal cores , 16GB RAM or more, Windows 10 only (64 bit of course) and a video card RX 480 version with 4GB of GDDR5 or GeForce GTX 1060 Basic with 3GB's .

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Unfortunately, these requirements do not specify the quality of the title, so we can only guess that minimum requirements can 1 at 720p resolution at a rate of 30 frames per second, while the recommended requirements are for high graphics requirements, 1080p and 60 frames per second - when those who want to jump to UHD or even higher refresh rates will need even more advanced hardware .

Another game that does not want to commit to too much detail in its system requirements
Another game that does not want to commit to too much detail in its system requirements

However, it is worth noting that the demands of the new game sound quite reasonable, considering the impressive look and advanced effects it offers thanks to its Frostbite 3 engine - and higher than those of Star Wars Battlefront last year Only in the general processor segment in fact, And graphics processing requirements remained the same.

We are definitely looking forward to the launch of 1, and hope it will provide a refreshing breeze to the old brand and the world of action games - agree with us? Share your comments!

We will take a nice video documenting the variety of bugs observed in the open beta tests for 1 - Hopefully most of them will not meet the final title, 21 in October