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Walls of Hope, the game version

The new action game A Way Out, where you can play with a friend even if only one of you has purchased it, comes to us for review

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From the moment I was announced, I was waiting for the exit of A Way Out, an indie action-adventure game that comes from the studio that created the thrilling Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The creators have promised us a unique gameplay that requires two players to play simultaneously and collaborate, but have they succeeded in creating an experience that has never been seen before? We will discover this immediately.

In the game we play two characters, Leo Caruso, an old prisoner whose violence is usually his first solution to any situation, and Vincent Moretti, a quiet and calculated guy who just got into prison at the beginning of the game. Soon, the two connect, and due to a number of incidents in prison decide to run away and deal with him. At the head of a crime group that is linked in one way or another, I will not elaborate further, because it will ruin your plot.

We said two characters, and indeed you and a friend will have to choose which of you will play some character throughout the game, all running on a split screen, Leo on the right and Vincent on the left. You can play with a friend over the Internet, and it's nice that in that case only one of you will have to buy a copy of the game - very thoughtful of the creators, or you can, as in the good old days, invite your friend home and play on the same couch, a much more fun experience in my opinion.

In any case, the game does fulfill what it promises - throughout, both players will have to solve the different situations that Leo and Vincent encounter through collaboration. For example, at a certain moment, the two should use a screwdriver to remove the toilet in their cells to gain access to the prison system. While one of them messes with the screw, the other should serve as a watchman and warn you when a guard arrives, and even employ him for a few precious seconds. In another, slightly more optimistic moment, the two try to grab their own breakfast, and one of you will have to try to skew a few fish while the other smuggles them toward you.

In addition, some moments in the game will bring you to a crossroads where you will have to decide on the right way to act. Usually the choice is between Leo's violent and violent way, or Vincent's safe and calculated way, which can lead to a discussion between you and your partner that you both have to agree to go.

Although the game is full of such moments that make you feel like you are really in this story together, some of them are a bit unnecessary or not even very well made. For example, some parts that both of you have to stand at a door and press the same button at the same time - it feels really forced when it is repeated over and over. Or the shooting parts that may be medium and low.

Even the plot and writing of the game in my opinion is not one hundred percent there. Leo and Vincent are beginning to rely on each other a bit too fast, especially considering that Vincent is in prison for exactly five minutes, and Leo is not really a nice type and an old prisoner should be a little more suspicious. In addition, whole parts at the beginning of the game feel suspiciously like a combination of walls of hope and escape. And if at first the plot moves quickly to an interesting place and continues to keep pace and action, towards the end it becomes poor and the game begins to feel like a medium shooter. At least the end of the game is excellent and will leave you with something to think about.

But overall A Way Out is a really good experience with a mostly interesting story, and it would be really fun to collaborate with someone else, to talk to them about what the next step is, or how to solve the problem you're facing, feel the tension and action together and trust one The other one will do his job so you don't get caught in. The game just isn't perfect and it has some weaknesses, but you also really won't regret choosing to play it, and it's definitely worth its full price.

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