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Properly polished? Red Dead Redemption 2 hardware requirements have been revealed

Open world game of Games can also run on medium and reasonable computer systems - with plenty of free space on the storage drive

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A few days after The exciting announcement of the arrival of RDR2, Or Red Dead Redemption 2, to the world of - We are starting to get significant technical details about the new version with screenshots as well as system requirements to help fans prepare for the launch early next month.

The PC version of GTA's invested and realistic Western is designed to be its most advanced and sophisticated, naturally, with exceptionally high display rates and resolutions. And even more with extra display , Support for ultra-wide screens as well as arrays of some screens that are still used by a small user niche - while creators also guarantee greater viewing distances from the console versions, enhanced illuminations and shadows, textures and effects of telesia (realistic "flooring" of intended objects Be presented as one piece of material) upgraded for the environment and more.

One of the fresh images from the version Which can be found on the official game site

There are some first pictures From the enhanced PC versionThough considering that these are engine images but not actual screenshots, it's pretty hard to gauge their quality compared to similar images presented to us before the title launch to And - 4 last year.

One advanced element that will not be supported by RDR2, at least in its launch status, is the beam tracking technology - which might have given the RTX cards of Which, as is known, support a unique material acceleration for such calculations, a significant advantage over competitor cards.

The PC version will include some new weapons, some new story missions, new hiding places in the game world, new items and new horses - not sure it will justify another purchase for those who have already played consoles, but it should certainly please the Who feel that their wait has been equal and justified

What computer system will you need to experience the game? Not particularly crazy, quite surprisingly: the minimum requirements consist of a Windows 7 system, a Core i5-2500K quad-core veteran processor or a hexagonal FX-6300 processor , 8GB RAM and GeForce GTX 770 or sample video card R9 280, while recommended for 10 windows system, Core i7-4770K square or Ryzen 5 1500X processor, 12GB dynamic memory and GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card or RX 480 with 4GB of .

B- Very interested in making an early purchase of the title - and offering a variety of bonuses if you agree

It is doubtful that the recommended requirements will enable RDR2 to be resolved With maximum graphical settings and a steady, high-quality display rate, these are requirements that sound perfectly sensible for a game that is known for being one of the largest and most impressive ever produced - with the volume requirement also mentioned No less than 150 gigabytes that comes alongside the other specifications. You should start making room in the storage system from now on.

With no mention of third-party file protections on the official site - there are some who believe RDR2 will be launched without the protection of the network The most advanced and controversial

Red Dead Redemption Launches to the Platform November 5 2019 - And it's time to tell if you're already saving money to buy it before everyone else, or give up the opportunity for one reason or another.

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