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Racing, destruction and adventure: Steam gaming

The large online store pamper us with interesting deals not only on the weekends

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The current days include quality opportunities to expand your digital gaming libraries - and we're here to make sure you don't miss any .

A strategy game in turn that also incorporates elements of digital board games, Armello, Has received a significant update and is now available for purchase at a quarter of its price - NIS 18.48, with 30 percent discounts for all the DLC packages launched for it. You can purchase the Full Collector Version Price 107.9 shekels.


Real time strategy game Sudden Strike 4, An up-to-date series for longtime and beloved series, is also available at a quarter price - NIS 47.48, with discounts of up to 50 percent on expansion packs for it.

Title of violent driving and successful Wreckfest Sold for half price - NIS 87.47.

Title of favorite action Broforce Which is intended for playing with friends, is sold for only NIS 13.98.


The Tomb Raider trilogy is sold entirely under the following assumptions: the first chapter For only NIS 11.09, Rise of the Tomb Raider For 45 shekels andShadow of the Tomb Raider Which was launched at the end of last year on NIS 112.47, which is half its original price.

The action game and stealthy stealth Phantom Doctrine May be yours for 74.97 shekels.

Phantom Doctrine

Just Cause 3 Is offered again at real floor prices: NIS 11.55 for the base version or NIS 28.55 for Full XXL version Which includes all DLC supplements. also Just Cause 4 The new and controversial is available at a discounted price of 112.47 - whereas Just Cause 2 The classic is sold at a funny cost of only NIS 5.59.

The title of the new horror action by the renowned company Crytek, Hunt showdown, Which is still in stages Under the Early Access program, a discount of 30 is offered with a price tag of NIS 62.3.

Survival game Come you can embody a swimmer or a shark, Depth, Gets a big price cut and carries a price tag of only NIS 18.49.


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