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Join your conservation efforts: Ubisoft offers Assassin's Creed Unity for everyone

The devastating fire that hit the Notre Dame Cathedral leads the French gaming company to open its heart and wallet with a financial contribution to repairing the damage - and also a division of its popular title in which one can freely admire the historical structure

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Assuming that you have not spent the last few days in an underground bunker without any connection to the outside world, you have probably witnessed the dramatic documentation of the Great Fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which caused the collapse of the famous tower and further extensive damage.

The fire was extinguished after many hours and with minimal casualties, and many affluent architecture and history enthusiasts rushed to declare that they would contribute to the massive restoration and reconstruction efforts that will now begin for the building that was created somewhere in the 12 century and become an integral part of the French capital's skyline. To this impressive display of unity, when Ubisoft, Announces the contribution of 500,000 to Euro Recovery efforts And gives us all the opportunity to see the structure again in all its splendor. Digitally.

Hundreds of millions of euros have been collected for Notre Dame, which is expected to last for many years - and in the meantime you have the opportunity to experience it on your home PC

The Assassin's Creed Unity, which was launched in 2014 and takes place during the French Revolution, includes a spectacular version of its faithfulness to the reality of Paris in the 18 century, with the famous cathedral that can be explored both inside and outside. At this stage, this virtual version has become the most effective and unassuming way to enjoy the historic site, it seems, when the French developer and distributor are interested in allowing this to a maximum number of people around the world - And announce a week-long free download for the title. All that is required is an active uPlay account and the installation of the platform application to run the game.

Assassin's Creed Unity was considered controversial when launched due to a variety of problems And technical mishaps - will he now have the opportunity to fix the situation a bit and gain wide public sympathy?

There were rumors and reports that the advanced documentation was based on it To create the cathedral in Assassin's Creed Unity will serve as a technological basis for the real-world reconstruction efforts, although it appears that the official announcement of the gaming company does not address this issue or possibility. Even if this does not happen in the end, it is another illustration of the tremendous development that video games have undergone over the past two decades, from the basic two-dimensional pixel era to the state of being a substitute for reality and the real world.

In the past there have been reports that a single developer has spent two whole years working on creating the game version of the cathedral - although that does not necessarily mean that Unity will serve as the basis for the restructuring of the building


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  1. a question:
    אחרי שבוע המשחק שוב יהיה בתשלום? (או שהורדה עכשיו נותנת בעלות על המשחק)?

  2. Yes, it's only a shame that the download continues to stop in the middle of the same point again and again despite every attempt at a possible solution.

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