• Ready for another round in the Far Cry universe of HWzone

Ready for another round in Far Cry's universe

The new chapter in the successful series from home Ready to launch with a post-apocalyptic chic optimistic something and formal hardware requirements

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Like it or hate it, you can not deny that Far Cry has become one of the most recognized and leading series of the company , Which gets a new episode every year within the mandatory class, it seems, just like Assassin's Creed before it - and in 2019 it will be New Dawn, which will have a real plot link to 5 for the first time in a brand that has so far offered different and separate stories.

The game that will take gamers back to the semi-fictional Hope County - albeit this time in a post-apocalyptic configuration that significantly changes its appearance, flora and fauna, and accessible and inaccessible areas. This is the same lady in a glorious change, although it is evident that this vision is a little more pleasant than that of works such as Fallout or STALKER into the new world that will be created following a nuclear disaster.

Returning to the well-known formula of - This time even in the same (more or less) location as last time

Many of the gameplay elements we saw last year will also return to New Dawn, with alongside them a greater emphasis on experience points and levels as found in role-playing games, new base-building abilities - and even the ability to choose the main hero's appearance and gender for the first time.

Like Assassin's Creed series, also series Receives extra features from the role-playing world - and we expect the reception for them to be involved with the cast

The impressively detailed system requirements (aspired to by Ubisoft on this issue) include four recommendations for different display resolutions and running speeds - with the minimum required for operating a modest 720p New Dawn at a rate of about 30 frames per second is the Core i5-XN processor Or hexagonal FX-2400 processor of , At least 8GB RAM and relatively advanced GeForce GTX 670 or graphics cards R9 270X.

The game that will justify upgrading your system hardware? We'll soon find out

Running 4K with maximum graphics settings and running 60 frames per second on average will require a Core i7-6700K processor or Ryzen 7 1700X processor, a dynamic memory of 16GB or more, and especially an SLI array of a pair of GeForce GTX 1080 or CrossFireX Cards Vega 56. The game will then support a multiplicity of video cards (something that has become far less common in the modern age), though the central question is probably whether it can be successfully operated in maximum settings even based on a single card from the new era - RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti and VII.

Far Cry: New Dawn will reach the and- 4 and personal computers (via the uPlay platform) on February 15, with a lower than usual 40 price tag indicating that this is a kind of expansion package that shares much of its content with The upcoming 5 - and not an entirely new episode like the one that may be in preparation for the 2020 year.

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