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Regards from Japan: weekend gaming

Sega Games, Watch_Dogs and many more are waiting for you at With discounts of tens of percent

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Have you asked for more games deals? You've Got - The Store More online stores offer Quality for the coming days.

On a platform from WALAV, it will be possible to play in the next two days in the title of the successful indie Helldivers, Which has an updated version with new levels of difficulty, weapons and enemies - and if you like what you experience, you can purchase the spoken version at a discounted price of 37 new shekels.

Hellldivers: A New Hell

Some of Sega's greatest hits Offered at great prices - the stylish Bayonetta in New 28.2 NIS, Vanquish is also fast for 28.2, Yakuza 0 launched less than three months ago in New 55.57, the unique role-playing strategy Valkyria Chornicles in 25.14 and more.

Yakuza 0

Also a pair of Watch_Dogs from UBSoft (Which also require an account Of the French distributor for you to play) are sold at significantly reduced prices - the original title in NIS 39.27, while its successful sequel from two years ago is available in 78.87 NIS.

Watch_Dogs 2

The games of the Deep Silver European distributor are sold cheaply, With the great Metro series games in the Redux versions that are enhanced by the total price of 37.7. The new Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which was launched this year at 135, the players of Mayhem from the creators of Saints Row for NIS 67.8 and many others.

Agents of Mayhem

More juicy discounts at This weekend includes the Street Fighter 5 for NIS 48, the psychological action game Alan Wake, who returned to the service after a year's absence at the price of 18.6 New Shekels, the Killing Floor 2 horror action game available on 36.61 NIS, Just Cause 3, XL Edition, which also includes its expansion content on 25.63, only new shekels and Rise of the Offered at 56.23 New Shekels. You only have to choose your favorites.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

At the Humble Store you can find Up to 90% of all historical titles of the Total War series Including Shogun 2 in its full package with all the added content for 12.5 USD, Attila in its base version for 11.25 dollars, Rome 2 in the extended Emperor Edition for $ 20.4 dollars and more. In addition, you can purchase the games The Binding of Isaac series The sellers and the stressors at discounts up to 50 percent of the original prices, if you wish.

Total War: Shogun 2

For dessert, the Green Man Gaming store is there Surprising suggestions That include Bethesda's rebooted Prey for only $ 15, XCOM 2 for $ 15 - and Games packages for Halloween At funny prices like for example The three series of Castlevania Lords of Shadow series At the price of 3 dollars only, Metal Gear Rising and Metal Gear Solid 5 At the price of 4 dollars and so on.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Have you found more equal deals? Share with everyone in comments!


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