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Report: Watch_Dogs 3 will take us to a new country

The next installment in the Hacking and Crime series of the company Is already under development, it seems

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Alongside the reports About Assassin's Creed's new selection period - We also got testimony about another intriguing game from home Which has not yet been officially revealed: The third part of Watch_Dogs.

The original Watch_Dogs launched in 2014 and has been described by many as a disappointment over the potential of an open-world game where it can be hacked almost anywhere and any urban media (and even what was introduced on stage a few years earlier) - and then came Watch_Dogs 2 in 2017 with significant changes in plot, appearance and approach Which gave him a much more positive welcome. Now, the idea of ​​jumping to another physical location in the world at a time seems to continue with us in the new game on the way.

Prepare for Hacking with much more subways and tea than before?

According to the Kotaku site, the third part of Watch_Dogs is in the midst of the development process and will take place in London, after the flights to Chicago and San Francisco in the past. If this report is true, it is reasonable to assume that once again we will meet a game that will be significantly different in appearance, and will probably include a new team of characters with only a few connections to the past. Is it possible that the announcement and launch is already planned for the end of 2019? In the coming months, we hope to receive somewhat more detailed details.

Another product from Most notable these days is Splinter Cell, with the CEO of the French distributor acknowledging that developers have a real fear of developing a new chapter in the Ehudah series after such a long rest, and especially high expectations from fans waiting patiently for Sam Fisher's return to the center stage. A new game is still not nearing completion - so the wait may be longer than we imagined.

Splinter Cell will not return without an idea that will allow it to excite and amaze gamers - and it is currently unclear whether the creators have such in their hands and heads


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  1. Anyone ever played in the first? Anyone want a third?

    I wonder why they think it's interesting to anyone ...

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