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Return to Beneficiary: The new title of Fallout Creators is almost ready

Outer Worlds, the new Obsidian studio piece (which also gave us the Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2) will try to bring the role-playing games back to fashion

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For many, Fallout: New Vegas is the most successful title in the post-apocalyptic series since it came into being - And perhaps it is not surprising that the person in charge was not Itself but the American developer Obsidian, created in 2003 by some of the leading Black Isle Studios, who created the Fallout series from the beginning in the 1990s. Now, these veteran developers hope to give gamers another experience where the emphasis is on the player's freedom of action and ability to make tough choices and meaningful decisions that affect the game world - based on a fresh brand called The Outer Worlds.

The new title looks like a mix between Fallout: New Vegas and No Man's Sky, with first-person gameplay and a variety of weapons and objects to collect, a variety of characters to interact with and unusual environments to explore - as part of an alternative history plot in which giant corporations lead exploration and settlement of new planets in the universe.

The shooting game of The Outer Worlds includes the ability to slow down time and target different parts of the enemy body - much like the famous Fallout mechanism

The concept sounds weird and unusual, but the actual gameplay seems increasingly promising with each updated new video coming to the network - as the latest creation by Obsidian as an independent entity, before being acquired by And will begin developing games that will probably be exclusive to its platforms.

System requirements The Outer Worlds minimums include 7 bit version 64, free 40GB free space, 4GB dynamic memory, Intel Core i3-3225 dual core processor or Phenom II 6 1100T processor (yes, 2010) And a GeForce GTX 650 Ti or sample video card HD 7850.

Recommended game play requirements are the 10 bit Windows 64 system, Dynamic 8GB memory, Core i7-7700K processor or Ryzen 5 1600 hex processor and GeForce GTX 1060 or graphics card RX 470.

Unlike other great role-playing games in recent years, here the emphasis on conversations with other characters should be just as central to the battles and the action - and with real implications for the continuation of the plot

The Outer Worlds will be launched on PCs (exclusively for the Epic Store and Microsoft Online Store in 10 windows in the first phase) and the consoles and the- 4 in 25 in October - with a custom version of the Switch consoles You will come later. Think he has a chance of becoming a great commercial success story? Welcome to share comments.


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  1. Hope this is it ... Fallout's sequel I've been waiting for all this time (even if it's not necessarily Fallout).

  2. What is EPIC?
    Once again this shit?
    Also BORDELLANDS 3 only in EPIC….
    I WANT TO STEAM !!!!!
    Remember that it was just VALVE and then everything started pouring into STEAM?

    PS4? _ XBOX? = Ahabalharbah. !!! (Believe me the best)

  3. I've long given up sets on such a main digital store.

    With all the shit they put in there, it has become a market.

    Don't understand the hatred for other stores

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