Back to the top: These are the hardware requirements of Devil May Cry 5

The series of stylish and challenging action titles will soon have continuity after more than a decade of rest - with the need to prove to everyone that they have not lost their uniqueness

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The days are getting longer and warmer, and with them the game market will also melt, which will provide us with several large launches in the near future - one of them is of Which will return to our lives the series Devil May Cry through the fifth chapter continues the original plot line from the early days of the brand.

DmC: Devil May Cry developed by an external studio in 2013 as a neglected boot, and Devil May Cry 5 will be a logical continuation of Devil May Cry 2, with both the original protagonist Dante and Nero making his debut in Devil May Cry 4 In 2008 will form part of the plot and characters to be controlled by players - along with other characters will be part of the state of the first collaborative online game of its kind for up to three human players at the same time.

If you ignore the renewed version of all the past games launched for the current generation - this is the first time you've seen the Expands this popular series in the current decade

The game will be based on the Cap Engine RE Engine engine first introduced in Resident Evil 7, with a team And an attempt to offer a fixed and uniform frame rate of 60 frames per second on all platforms, which will ensure high quality playfulness that emphasizes the individual abilities of each user.

According to the game page at Steam, Devil May Cry 5's system requirements are fairly straightforward and include a processor i7-4770 quadrature both as a base requirement and as a recommended requirement (AMD is not really counted by the creators, it seems) alongside 8GB's Dynamic and 35GB are available on the storage drive - combined with a card GTX 760 is defined as a basic platform for proper running and card GTX 960 set as recommended, probably for 1080p resolutions but not transition.

Look at some interesting new characters that will be part of the plot - and probably the gameplay

Sounds good? Devil May Cry 5 is designed to reach the consoles of And Microsoft and 8 in March 2019 - and we're on our toes for this series to continue to blossom and develop, instead of disappearing again for half a decade or more.