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Let it sweep you away: INSIDE game in criticism

Faceless people, cruel guards, dead animals, one kid in a red shirt - come to understand what is going on in the dark and unpredictable world of INSIDE, an Indie game that will stun you

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You play a faceless little boy in a red shirt. The boy runs through a forest And tries to hide from the various trucks and guards scattered around the area. Two guards sitting in the car catch his silhouette passing the car's headlights, and one of them begins to chase after him, catching the child, and then - choking him to death. You start again, get a little further, where the guard can not catch the kid, but his dog is, and the dog rips him apart.

Here you begin to realize that something is wrong, that the immoral world that unfolds before you is not only depressing, but distorted and sickly. What are these people guarding? Why are they lurking for a little boy and killing him instead? Who is the boy, and where does he actually run from?

Some of the answers to these questions may reveal, during your journey at INSIDE, a 2D platform game from the Playdead studio that if you follow the indie scene, you probably recognize Limbo's creators.

On this journey, the child will pass between different areas where he will encounter many obstacles and threatening enemies who will try to prevent him from escaping. You have the task of helping him make his way through the nightmare world he is in, and protect him from the death that lurks in every corner.

You'll need to figure out how to manipulate the different environments you're going to use, take advantage of tools and living things you'll encounter, and schedule your child's movement to avoid security or just to make a successful jump.

All the puzzles in the game are made with quite a bit of thought behind them, and feel it. There is no unnecessary or boring riddle in them, and their level of difficulty may be exactly the right one that will often cause you to pause for a moment to try to understand "what can I do with the tools that are here," but on the other hand it will not cause you frustration. Even if you get stuck, you know the solution is there in front of your nose, and you just have to catch it, or find out what detail in the room you did not notice.


In addition, the puzzles are very diverse. In any area you reach, you will find that the game continues to surprise you every time, so you will never feel like you're doing anything you've already done. Of course, I avoid showing you the more interesting puzzles, simply because I do not want to ruin their discovery experience, so you'll need to believe me.

All along the way you will be accompanied by the sooty industrial world and the dying of the graphic look just wonderful. The soundtrack is minimal, and at critical moments the sound of the child's breathing is added to it.
Not a single word will be heard in it. You will not find audio cassettes or written on the wall. In a brilliant way, INSIDE manages to convey the philosophical questions it raises and the atmosphere of terror only by what you will see and experience during it, not a walking task when we talk about a two-dimensional game that presents a fairly limited palette.


Although the game is not very graphic violence it shows, but all types of death are quite cruel, and at least caused me to feel uncomfortable, which probably explains why the game received a rating of such high ages.

It's worth mentioning that this is not an especially long game. INSIDE lasts from three to five hours. On the other hand, if it was longer, it would probably have damaged the final result that will probably leave you gaping.


There is no doubt that this is the most nerve-racking platform game I have ever played. The number of times my heart stopped when I knew I was doing the wrong move or when someone started chasing me, the disturbing plot slowly revealed, the dark and threatening atmosphere in the background, the sophisticated puzzles that take advantage of the amazing physics of the world, make INSIDE an experience you really should not miss.

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