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Respect the gamers: Know the games that do not contain real money purchase transactions

After a large number of the big distributors in the market chose to adopt real money purchases within their titles and created a hustle - we are beginning to hear about new titles from more modest homes that boast of going against the flow

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In recent months we have heard the Most major game distributors Praise for the approach known as games as a service, in most cases it is quite clear that the meaning behind the terminology is the desire to make players continue to spend money on the titles in a way that is almost unlimited due to various random mechanisms, despite the payment of the basic price already collected on the game.

The general approach may not necessarily be negative and false, but it is not hard to guess that consumers are not overly enthusiastic about wanting to make them pay more for their gaming, and now the time for counter-reactions - with more and more relatively modest game keys that are not in agreement or owned by distributor- Superstructure of the market that chooses to gain additional positive points with a public statement that their works are not going to contain any trace of the micro-transactions mechanisms for real money purchases within the titles. So who are the titles that will be against the tide in the coming year?

Sweden's Fatshark announced that the sequel to the successful 2015 Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide will not contain any boxes of digital objects that can be purchased with real money, but only objects that can be obtained through a game. In addition, the game will not even include the famous game protection , Just like his predecessor. Double advantage for players?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which promises to provide an authentic medieval experience when launched this coming February, will offer no real money purchases within it - by reaction Of Warhorse Studios' official account.

Extinction, the game that will send you to fight giant monsters the size of a building with a planned launch for the first quarter of 2018, will not contain structured transactions that can be made with additional real money.

Another title that is still in the initial stages of preparation has already ensured that it will not have micro-transactions. This is the future role-playing game of the famous American developer Obsidian Entertainment, which will be launched under the new private label of the Take-Two distributor, and is not committed to the same "playable" approach as the parent company. These are certainly encouraging news, and perhaps a way for all major distributors to find a way to combine the need to appease investors with increased profitability levels and the desire to maintain reasonable relationships with gamers.

The game still does not have a name or intended launch date - but it certainly will not include additional payment requirements after you have already purchased it

Above all of these titles stands the Cyberpunk 2077 course, the new creation of the CD Studio Project Polish, which is now the ultimate role model for good and respectful mutual relations with the community of actors. The company has already declared that their new futuristic role play will continue the same quality approach that has made the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt one of the most successful games of its generation - free DLC content for all game buyers, paid expansion packages that are large enough to be considered a separate title, And of course without any additional payment mechanisms.

The creators of the Witcher series promise to provide "gameplay without bullshit", as they define it, later on

It remains to be hoped that we will see as many game creators as possible taking an example from these companies, and not vice versa.


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