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10: Interesting facts about the PlayStation 2

The legendary console of Finished her way definitively and formally - and it's time to remember her glamor period somewhere in the early millennium

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18 years ago, the company Has released to the world one of the most successful consoles of all time, the PlayStation 2. A console so successful that it took Sonny 18 a year to announce the end of technical support for their product, which happened last week. So now that Sonny has separated from her work completely and definitively, it's time to recall the PlayStation 2, and discover ten things you might not know about. So without any unnecessary introductions, let's get started.

The best-selling console

Yes yes, you heard it right. We are 18 years after, and still the 2 PlayStation is at the top of the list of all-time consoles sold, with over 155 million units sold during its lifetime. And note that it is at the top of the list even though mobile consoles, for example, cost far less, and were very popular until a few years ago - and indeed the Nintendo DS is immediately behind the Sony as the 2 number, with 154 a million units.

The largest gaming library for the console

Not only is the PlayStation 2 the best-selling console, it's also the largest gaming console ever, with no less than 3,800 games! Even a lifetime will not be enough for you to finish it all.

People bought the console because of the support for DVD playback

Okay Okay, but to be completely honest, one of the reasons that so many people bought it, is not necessarily that all purchasers were . In an ingenious marketing move, Sony decided to add support for the music to the console . And at the time the console came out, it was a much cheaper solution to a home-based player than most MP3 players, Of that time!

In fact, in an entertaining way, Nintendo, on its side, saw how the PlayStation 2 was bypassing sales of its GameCube, decided that it also wanted to embed a player On the console, and collaborated with Panasonic to create the Panasonic Q, a hybrid that had half a GameCube console, and a half player . The beneficiary noted that it was a commercial failure, and Nintendo announced the cancellation of the device only two years after the start of its production.

The last game for the console came out on 2013

It sounds totally delusional, because on 2013, the 3 PlayStation was already 8, and the 4 PlayStation just launched. So the thought of continuing to bring games to the console of two generations back is just plain funny. But yes, the last game released for the console is Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 created by Konami and released in November 2013. Also worth noting 14, which was released just two months ago, to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and you guessed it also for PlayStation 2.

The console was responsible for territorial wars in Africa

We've already talked about how 2 Playstation was popular, but to meet the tremendous demand of production, There was an increasing amount of ore called Coltan, which can be obtained only in Africa, especially in the Republic of Congo. The demand for the receptor led to military groups taking control of the areas that contained the resource, and on the way they murdered or threw away people who lived on the same land. And in order to add insult to injury, they were laboring prisoners of war and even free children in the mines they had established. In addition to the damage to human beings, the multiplicity of mines also affected nature, and led to the massacre of gorilla populations and the destruction of areas of nature reserves. Suppressing something.

Shortage of memory cards

Today in the age of consoles with the built-in Hardisk it's a little strange to think about needing a special accessory to keep your progress in the game, but once you needed a card Special to allow this. The memory card was purchased separately from the console, and Sony distributed licenses to third party manufacturers to create the same cards. Only at a certain stage Decided not to continue the license, which led to the situation that the export did not meet the demand, and people who purchased the console could not actually keep!

The buildings in the opening were guarded

And speaking of guardianship, did you know that the console's opener, which consists of white buildings, is not random graphics? The buildings actually represent your saves, with the amount of buildings being the number of games on the memory card, and their height is determined by your progress in the game! Cool, isn't it?

It was possible to make the PlayStation 2 a computer

Sony sold a number of official accessories at a certain time that enabled you to turn your 2 Playstation into a computer that runs the Linux operating system! The accessories included Is based , Keyboard and mouse, screen and network cables and the gigantic 40 Gigabit. The main purpose of the evaluation was to create an environment for amateur software development, but also their ability to use it as a regular computer.

A guy changed his name to PlayStation 2

There are plenty of crazy people in the world, and one of those crazy people is a British guy named Dan Holmes, or rather 2 Holmes. Having spent no less than 7000 pounds on games, and having tired of people teasing him about his addiction, he decided to make a kind of name and replace his name with PlayStation 2! I wonder if he will marry a girl named Xbox, how will they call their children?

Saddam Hussein bought 4,000 PlayStation 2

Well actually it didn't really happen, but somewhere in the US 2000 media networks in the US, Pike News released the fact that supposedly Hussein purchased a huge amount of PlayStation 2, for their processing power, to create For military purposes. Although the PlayStation 2 really was a technologically advanced device for its time, but no, no Iraqi dictator really bought its quantities. These rumors led to a temporary boycott of the import of the Japanese consulate, which was removed very quickly, because it turned out that this was just a rumor.

Did you also have a PlayStation 2 console at home? What was your favorite game? Do you still play it occasionally? Share your comments!

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  1. My PS2 is still alive and well, scratched and beaten but working as new!

    The games I liked the most were god of war 1 and 2, and resident evil 4 :)

  2. I still have one closet, unfortunately it has not been seen in a long time. My favorite game was the Gran Turismo 3 that I bought a steering wheel and a special stand for him and gave me hundreds of hours of enjoyment.

  3. I gave up on middle age, though I had xbox 360 for about a month and sold, ps3 I never had. I was thinking of buying a used for playing metal gear 4 and god of war ascension.

    I now have both ps4 and xbox one, and I must point out that ps4 gives full value to the excellent exclusive character that came out in the past, and will be released in the future. The Boxbox is just disappointing in that respect. The only reason he still has me is because of the backwards compatibility that Sony messed up big time.

    Oh and I also have a psp rotting in the drawer :)

  4. Delicate sometimes plays in Madeleine of Honor Aropen Aslot
    This is the only game in the series I haven't finished
    Of course he also plays on Sony 4

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