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Seven games for less than NIS 40 - now on the Humble Bundle

Get the Dirt 4 racing title and some other interesting pieces at a particularly pricey price - in the coming days only

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The Humble Bundle venture comes to life again to indulge gaming lovers - with a package aimed at raising funds for a specialty organization called SpecialEffect, which aims to allow people with disabilities to experience gaming In creative and unexpected ways.

If you pay a single dollar you get the wonderful adventure game from Tim Schaefer and his Broken Age - and the humorous adventure game and bizarre Purrfect Date, which will probably make a lot of fun for any cat lover around.

Broken Age

Paying 5.31 dollars and above will add three more titles to you - the action-packed, colorful role-playing game The Swords of Ditto in its improved version, the strategy game Stornghold Crusader 2 and the strategy and tactics game Bomber Crew.

The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse

The most worthwhile consideration will come if you decide to invest 10 dollars, as NIS 37, in the package - with the popular Dirt 4 racing title launched by British Codemasters last year and the realistic historic action game Tannenberg that will land you on the Eastern Front of World War I.

Dirt 4

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Another interesting game suite on the venture site will give you access to the unusual Catherine platform title, and seven other surrealistic and special titles ('Postmodern Games', as described by site owners), for a total price of just 15 dollars, or a little less than NIS 55.

This playlist includes Thomas Was Alone featuring minimalist horror, Becket, Yume Nikki, the Rusty Lake Hotel thinking game, the adventure game and humorous mystery The Stanley Parable, the Everything Simulation game (distributed a week ago at the Epic Store, as we reported to you), Yume Nikki: Dream Diary - and of course Catherine in his standard version, which is not the updated and expanded Full Body version launched for God- Only as of today.

Catherine Classic

This is a full-fledged $ 90 game package, which you can get for one-sixth of the same price - which is very lucrative to us, naturally.

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