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Seven videos from the Gamescom 2015 show you must see

The exhibition itself was already closed, but we could not sign it without showing you some more trailers that impressed us very much

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The leading European gaming show, Gamescom, has been very productive this year and has provided us with not only the launch of the new Skylake processors , But also piles of new information and records for the most interesting titles around, on a scale and level that would not embarrass even the great competitor (Which took place two months ago). We have already told you about a great deal of those fresh videos and details, but the sheet is short of containing everything - and so we will take advantage of this to show you some other great videos and trailers that have been ours, and have not been honored. pleasant viewing!

Star Wars: Battlefront

The third installment of the Battlefront series continues to be shaped as one of the most impressive games in the area, and has even won the Best Gamescom prize in the exhibition, thanks to the exposure of a new online game mode where the emphasis is exclusively on air battles. It's true that graphics are not the main thing in the game, but it certainly helps, as these videos prove.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

We already know that there is usually a big difference between a game and a pre-made video that is only intended to simulate gameplay, and so despite the strong first impression left by the new game in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series, until we do not see actual gameplay we will be hard convinced that this concept will really work. . We don't have a real gameplay video yet, but we did get a new video that gives some background on Wildlands from the people who develop it - and also gives here and there moments of what looks like gameplay, and looks impressive.

Need for Speed

EA's old racing series looks great after a welcome break of two years, with a movie-like plot and open world games reminiscent of the forgotten Underground and Most Wanted titles. These were not necessarily the best games in this series, but they gave her a singularity that had been sorely lacking in recent years when it seemed that Mainly trying to emulate the Burnout or the Forza, intermittently.

It will be very interesting to see whether the new chapter will return the brand name, To be a commercial success - and especially if down the road, it is decided to adopt the 'game once every two years' or revert to the veteran annual tactic.


What happens when the developer of some of the biggest, deepest and most authentic strategy games in the market decides to turn its attention to the "last frontier" of deep space, rather than the history of the earth? The answer is Stellaris, a new game coming to us from Paradox Development Studios that created the addictive Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis - ensuring that the fresh title is the biggest and most ambitious they've ever created.

The space game world has returned to blossom recently, and it will be very interesting to see how Stellaris fits in with all aspiring competitors - even though we currently have almost no information on it.


Gearbox has decided to join the blooming MOBA genre thanks to titles such as League of Legends and Dota 2, and do so in style based on its strongest brand - and so it has Battleborn, who feels and looks like online Borderlands with strong elements of competitiveness.

Battleborn has been announced before, but Gamescom 2015 looks far more polished and interesting than ever before - as it will help explain your favorite humorous video below.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Another Ubisoft game that looks great. Unlike the Ghost Recon Wildlands we talked about a few paragraphs ago, which takes the brand in a whole new direction, Siege feels like a true classic Rainbow Six game - plus a fresh look and modern application that should help it become an online hit in the spirit of Call of Duty and Counter Strike Global Offensive. . Not sure it will work, but if you have a lot of free time You are welcome to view the documentation of a three-hour game (!) Which she organized As part of the Gamescom exhibition and decide for yourself.


For dessert - what happens when a platform game decides to adopt the look of Walt's classic cartoon films , The 30 and the 40 of the last century? The answer is Cuphead, and you have to see to understand how great it is.

The gameplay itself doesn't even look so impressive, but hey - with such a nostalgic visual style and so special, it seems that you can't really be mistaken.

Who are the games that impressed you most in Gamescom 2015? We would appreciate your feedback.

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