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Shopping time: Games discounts also in the Epic Store

The Steam and GOG stores are not alone - project Halloween is offering discounts for various titles exclusive to the Epic Games digital store

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intrested Plus titles to your digital library Before the end of the year? We're excited to tell you about another opportunity to stock up on us from the Epic Store, Alongside its renewable free games division.

As part of the cut-off project that will be available until the beginning of November for the North American halloween, the latest and most impressive surrealist title can be purchased Control, From the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake, priced at 45 dollars instead of 60 dollars.

The action and survival game World War Z, Which was also launched earlier this year, is offered at $ 19.75 - instead of $ 35 most days.

World War Z

Those who haven't had the opportunity to play onBorderlands 3 Will be able to purchase the game's special and expanded editions at slightly shorter prices - 64 Dollar for Deluxe version and 90 Dollar for Super Deluxe version which also includes the Season Pass package, which has a standard 50 dollar value.

Quantic Dream's tension games (or interactive movies, if you prefer) are offered at a discount - 16 dollars are for Beyond: Two Souls And for Heavy Rain Launched for personal games over the past few months, with temporary exclusivity for the.

Beyond: Two Souls

The title of Ubisoft Motorcycle Racing, which emphasizes the physical engine before anything else, Trials Rising, Sold for $ 12.5 instead of $ 25.

The complete and ultimate version of The Walking Dead games The great ones from Telltale (which ceased to exist about a year ago, unfortunately), with various 23 episodes and at least 50 gaming hours available, are available at a cost of 35 dollars.

How many more titles are awaiting you on the digital store website offer - this is not the huge selection we got used to seeing , But worth a look anyway

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