Simsity: It turns out that it's possible without a regular Internet connection

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A few days ago, an anonymous employee from Maxis, a developer of Simsity, said that "it will not take much work to create an offline status for Simsite." Here, they prove that contrary to the previous statements, the new game can work without the need for constant connection to the Internet

Simsite is actually a new 5 brand, a renewal of the Maxis brand, which gives you almost total control over a city that you can manage as you please. The previous games were highly acclaimed for the excellent balance of elements of gameplay and gaming just fun, Simsite 5, on the other hand, less. The main problem is that EA and Maxis have decided to combine the renewal of the Always On system , Which is actually a "copyright management system". in brief? The system that prevents you from downloading the game pirate.

This time, heavy elements of games were integrated into the same system, which greatly affect the way the game is played (acceleration of time, saving of cities on servers, etc.). Thus, anyone who does not have a stable and stable connection to the Internet can not play properly, something that has proven itself in many previous games, but 5 is particularly prominent. If you can not understand the overall picture of what happened after the launch of Simsite 5, we have prepared a brief overview for you.

From previous episodes

7.3 - Reviews of Simsity are published, and have a particularly high average (9 according to Metacritic). Players start reporting access problems to servers and serious bugs in the game. Among them: deleting the entire city, inability to access the game at all, throwing the user from the server (ie playing) after 20 minutes, and more. EA responds by lowering some game options (such as the option to make the game super fast) to ease the load on game servers. Close to midnight, Stop selling Simsity.

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8.3 - Simsity's advertising campaign is suspended until further notice by EA. A number of visitors, including Polygon, lower the score by their review.

9.3 - After a customer discovered in a conversation with a service representative from Origin that he would not be able to get a refund for Simsity because of the above problems, he also learned that if he tried to cancel the purchase through the bank, his Origin account would be closed.

10.3 - It was announced that all players who bought the Simsity will receive a free game as compensation.

12.3 VG247 learned from a source within Maxis that "it will not take much work to engineer Simsite's offline version."

14.3 - Moders managed to engineer Simsity to run offline.

If so, a Reddit user named UKAzzer posted a video showing that the player was able to add roads beyond the defined limits of the city, along with the possibility of showing the "real amount" of the city's citizens, rather than the "artificial volume" presented to the players. But the most important option is the possibility of playing without a permanent Internet connection. The same player claims that after 20 minutes he was not connected to the Internet or game servers, the game did not throw him out, but he kept playing as if nothing had happened. What's more, after he made the roads outside the city limits, he logged in to save the game and disengaged. When he returned to his city, the roads were kept.

The same UKAzzer claims that all this was achieved after a little preoccupation with the game code (a detailed description in the video summary). He turned on the Debug mode, which gives the player great freedom. He adds that in Debug mode there is great freedom and it seems to be a small version of the developer version .

Either way, Simsite's lame launch is far from over - the number of complaints from the engineers is far superior to the help that EA and Maxis offer (at least for now), and it seems that it will be a long time before Simsity returns to normal.

What about you? Did you buy the game and ran into the same problems? Or is it just an exaggeration of reality, to go against the Always On DRM? Share us in comments!