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This was inevitable: Diablo 4 would also require players to have a regular Internet connection

Like its predecessor, the next installment in the newly revealed role-playing series will also support single player game mode - but still with a condition for regular connection to company servers

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It will be another year, and maybe two years, untilDiablo 4 Officially launched - but now Blizzard Clarifies To us, despite the return to the roots when it comes to the design and appearance of the mature and menacing something of the game, it will not give up the requirement for a regular network connection for the players.

All games launched on Blizzard's platform and its Activist partner in recent times include a requirement for regular identification and updating with the company's servers, Includes single-player pre-game modes, And this is something that can create quite a few headaches for legitimate purchasers who suffer from frequent disconnections in the network connection, high time delays that will impair the gaming experience or simply want to play the ways in places where there is no Internet connection available.

Playing solo on Diablo 4? Forget it

Diablo 4 There will be a game, just like Diablo 3 before it, and as such will be based on server side actions to run, Even in single player situations And also for Who are not at all interested in communicating and collaborating with others. It is hard to argue that such a development was unexpected, but we now know that there is no point in developing any hopes or theories on the subject. Blizzard is a leader in gaming when it comes to making web titles only (and thus significantly reducing the likelihood of hacking and pirating its works), and shows no intention of withdrawing from this position later.

Blizzard has a lot more to reveal to us as part of her new creation - a pair of other characters that will be available at launch, for example, and probably more information about the online shared worlds players will experience

We remain hopeful that Blizzard will take care of a wide and high-quality deployment of server infrastructure around the world for the upcoming (and after) festive launch that will help anyone who purchases Diablo 4 win the best and best experience.

Let's hope that by the year 2020, or 2021, the Internet service infrastructure in the country and the deployment of servers will undergo further upgrades

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