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War Consoles: Sony increases, Nintendo is surprising

The financial report of the Japanese manufacturer reveals a new and round bar to which its latest console arrived, while Nintendo also has good reasons to smile

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We are aware that these things are dynamic and may change as time goes on, but so far, about 4 years after it officially began - it can be safely stated that Unquestionably controls the home consoles market within the eighth generation.

Sony 's ray of light

The report of the Japanese company for the end of its fiscal year 2016 (which ended in calendar in March 2017) provided us with an official statement that the company managed to cross the bar of 60 million 4, of all types, who came to the stores - and although not technically the same figure as 60 million sales to consumers themselves (part of that number is in the inventory of the various stores), this is the manufacturer of which because the sale to stores is the major part In the revenue of the field, and is probably not too far from the practical number of sales.

The latest data of Shows disappointing shrinkage in almost every consumer category - except for the console area that actually rises

Sony's achievement is impressive in several respects, both because Microsoft has not yet announced sales of 30's 1 million- (This figure was about 26 million Last January reports, so that is likely to happen in the coming months) And so we seem to have increased the relative gaps in racing between the game machine pair - and because it comes about three and a half years after the brand's initial launch, which is a decidedly impressive pace of progress and popularity for God- 4, if you consider that the 3 has reached sales of 50 million units within four and a half years since its launch.

Continues to maintain strong and stable demand for its console even after several years of extensive availability

Last year was the best of the So far, and one of the best for a home console ever with 20 million units brought to the retail chains, and Sony expects strong demand this year as well, with the intention of bringing over 18 million more units to its various marketing partners - with such a trend allowing 4 to exceed the total sales volume of the 3 (about 86 million consoles) by the end of next year, and continue to cross the sales threshold of 100 million units at the end of the 2019 value, about six years after the initial official launch. very impressive.

Undoubtedly, the launch of the enhanced PlayStation 4 Pro version has contributed significantly and will continue to contribute to the continued popularity of the PlayStation 4 brand in the future, while past consoles have, in most cases, introduced one specific type of hardware that needs to remain relevant for close to a decade - but That was exactly our main hope as we discovered that The new generation Sony and Microsoft have adopted a very similar architecture (or even the same, if you like) to that of PCs, and now we see the potential advantage of the decision to be practical. On the bottom line, Sony seems to be able to choose and extend the life of the " 4 unprecedented with more improved and updated versions in the future, making it pretty easy to become the best-selling "console" of all time, even if under the surface these are units with different capabilities that only share software and model among them.

Will we get more and more versions 4 in the future? As long as you have good backing back, this is probably not a bad idea

The conditions of the battlefield have changed?

Sony's leadership over Microsoft and the It's huge, and it's actually on the rise, but it's really not worth eulogizing the actress from Redmond, who has already made it clear to us on several occasions that her console is just one part of the world of software and hardware services it builds. Sales of the console are important, of course, but Microsoft now places emphasis on converting many exclusive games into the PC market and developing cross-platform online gaming capabilities that may undermine the severity of sales but at the same time help to strengthen the relevance and attractiveness of 10 as a gaming platform (with over half a billion potential consumers).

Miscellaneous serve different super-goals in a rapidly evolving digital world, and numerical data are no longer as conclusive as they used to be

In comparison with current and future ones, it is best to remember that Sony may be the winner of the race, but in a game in which the goals of each participant are different, and success may be expressed in different ways and terms.

There is an alternative

In addition to Sony 's huge data, For its new Switch console, it continues to surprise everyone - with worldwide sales of 2.74 million units, in its first month since launch.

This is a growth of almost 40 per cent in relation to the company's expectations and hopes just before embarking, and in fact, which bypasses the demand for the PlayStation 4, At the beginning of their launch, there are quite a few reasons for optimism here - and thanks to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which somehow managed to sell makes copies of the console itself (2.76 million copies for the Switch devices), which is probably indicative of users purchasing The game even when the console itself is unavailable.

A winning combination of nostalgia and technology, or is there an initial enthusiasm that will fade quickly? In a while we'll find out

Nintendo hopes to sell 10 another 1 million units of Switch in its first year, Which has failed in more than four years. Does this mean that Microsoft and Sony have reason to start worrying about their top position? Not yet, but it is certainly a good time to remember that the world of consoles is not composed of only two representatives, to our delight.


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  1. There are almost no exclusive games for Ex Box One, so anyone buying a console today is heading for Sony for exactly that reason. Although Microsoft has only digital games in its store that may not have the Playstation Store - they are available for PCs with very low system requirements, so that's not a good enough reason either.

    I appreciate that if the Scorpio project shows a significantly stronger pro sample, it could help Microsoft in the long run, but the question is how much will it price it, because even modern computers don't always achieve a smooth 60 game in 4K.

    1. If an I3-level processor and an 470 RX card that are inside the Scox Scorpio will get games with high 60FPS graphics in 4K I pickle jar

  2. I believe Microsoft is not going to give up that fast,
    They have another trick up their sleeve and it's CROSS PLATFORM with your computer

  3. As ps4 owner. I must point out to Microsoft, in fact.

    I will explain:

    Although Microsoft's strategy seems to be net to increase profits (or minimize Sony's profits), it's impossible to ignore the fact that their customers are getting a lot of bonuses on the way.

    The backwards compatibility is a wonderful simple thing And for free, Compared to Sony's poor and horribly expensive imitation with the ps2 games.

    The cross platform (as mentioned above) is also a great thing, and it is not obvious.

    Computer streaming - a service that was available right from the start if I'm not mistaken for xbox, and Sony has only recently done a favor for humanity who released a similar app to a computer.

    Personally, I bought the ps4 for the exclusive (preferring them over Microsoft ones), and most of my games on the console are. And now that many xbox one games are available for PC, I have no reason to buy xbox one in addition (I planned to buy a few months ago).

    What pisses me off at PS4, which, except for a game or two, is bad every month thanks to ps + (so dear) I get nothing from them and nothing.

    Thank goodness they have collaborated with companies like naughty dog ​​and quantic dream, who make masterpieces, which cannot be obtained on another console or computer. Otherwise long ago I would send the console to Grita.

    In summary, if I had to recommend buying a console, with no preference for exclusives, I would recommend a computer (or xbox one).

  4. Quote of VGFreak

    More like the GTX 1070 but why write things right when you can bum instead ...

    Inside the Scorpio, Polaris will be clipped, RX 480 clipped under a lower heat casing if desired. GTX 1070 It's not.

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