Sony is officially cutting: it's the right time to buy a PlayStation 4

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Sony is announcing a reduction to its successful console for the next two weeks, and you too have the opportunity to take advantage of this courtesy of Amazon

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During the Black Friday and the Siberian Munday We recommended you About מספר Deals Which enabled the purchase of a console New and glittering in the price of Kurtz, but if you tarried and missed - do not worry, now there is another opportunity that might be even better to go for it.

Sony decided to make the special offer prices that we saw in a variety of stores throughout the network official - and announced that the packages of God- 4 version with 500GB game Battlefront or with the Uncharted game package: The Nathan Drake Collection will be offered for sale at 300 Dollars only (each), in a festive fashion until Saturday the 19 in December.

Amazon USA has responded to the manufacturer's announcement and is already offering both of these packages at the stated price, when The price of the package includes the Battlefront Including VAT, tax and shipping to Israel is about 408 USD - about 1,580 NIS, which is cheaper than you will find in Israel for the console only, without games.


Price of The package includes Uncharted Games It is more expensive in sending a way , But as part of the use of third party shipping companies such as Buy2USA, it is possible to reach a relatively inexpensive cost of less than NIS 1,700 in this case.

In stores Across Europe we have not yet seen a price reduction similar to the Euro 300, and it is not clear whether such a move will be made, but it is highly recommended to follow updates on the subject. U.S.

Those who are still interested in the PAL console, They will be in Amazon France Possibility to purchase the console, in a simple 500GB version without games, for about EUR 334 including taxes and shipping to Israel - that is, only NIS 1,400, which is a significant discount from the cheapest costs available in Israel.

Good news from Sony - we hope that they will soon reach Europe, and even our little country
Good news from home We hope that they will soon reach Europe, and even our little country

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