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Sony is the winner of the console race, even after the launch of the Xbox One X

Recent data for the month of November show that the 2017, 4 continues to lead sales volumes

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The main news of the great shopping season at the end of 2017 in the gaming world was the launch of the Xbox 360 console, X, the most powerful in the field ever, which was supposed to curb the huge momentum that Sony has accumulated in the past year thanks to the launch of its powerful version of the PlayStation 4. New data indicate that there has been an important improvement in the performance of the In the market - but not one that was enough to take the crown from her head .

The data That come from NPD Group do not provide specific numerical data and refer only to markets in North America, but it can certainly be concluded that if in the home area of HIT does not record a victory in sales volume - this will probably be true for international data as well.

The new version has improved sales and revenue for , But still not enough for the throne

November The 2017 was set as the best month to date in the entire console era, starting with the initial launches in November, when the PlayStation 2013 models experienced their best month and led the number of units sold, Recorded the most successful month to date and led to overall revenue, probably due to the price tag of 500 USD, The new X.

It's been a good year for all three major consoles - and there's no reason for this trend to continue next year

Noting that Microsoft is the leader in overall revenue may indicate that Sony's gap in the number of units sold is relatively modest - and this December, which in turn may steal its degrees in November and become the most successful current-generation consoles in terms of revenue and number of units sold ( The last four years in December offered better data from November than before, and from any other month in that particular year), may be the stage for completing the upheaval and taking the lead by And its products.

Past data indicates that December will bring more new highs to the market - and perhaps a full first place for Microsoft

We can continue to analyze the balance of power between the To- More and more, though, in the lower tier, 2017 has proved to be an important proof that the gaming market is at its peak - and it has enough room for all three of its main competitors, if they succeed in giving us both quality and reliable hardware and a proper range of titles to play. Agree with us? Share comments.


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  1. What is the power of the console if there are no exclusives to play
    These Microsoft fools

    1. Just the opposite!
      They have only increased their sales by having exclusive games come out on the computer as well.
      Sony, on the other hand, loses a ton of money on exclusive games to only one platform.
      I wouldn't be surprised if Sony starts putting out exclusive games for the computer in the future.
      PS NOW is already heading…

  2. I don't remember where, but the other day I read a pretty broad discussion of this topic online,
    Microsoft's problem is that they decided that their consoles needed the most power and in fact abandoned many other parameters that affect sales and continued to the console itself and at the top of the list is an exclusive issue.
    While Sony continues to invest in this area, and also invests in profitable markets such as the Asian market that is terribly busy in Asian games (the vast majority of which do not reach the Western market unfortunately), Microsoft has completely abandoned the Asian market (in fact I realized that it is not even trying to encourage and finance Asian studios) and slowly also Neglecting investment in Western studios.
    So what should attract consumers to buy the Ex Box? Does Microsoft think when people read "mighty console" they are straight drawn like device flies? Well the answer is positive in some cases, but I believe most people do not fall into this bin and do their homework before purchasing a console.
    Now Microsoft is reminded and they are doing aggressive marketing for PUBG, but even though the game has sold a lot, it is still a fallout since it is not polished to consoles at all.

    And no doubt, I adored the Ex Box 360, even after twice snatching the death ring I still bought the console again but this year, when I decided it was time to buy a current-generation console, my comparison unequivocally showed that I had better buy a PS4.

  3. I would have preferred a switch, but it is expensive something to fear. I know there is a Nintendo fine, but 300 bucks for Noydia with a screen and more than 60 bucks for every game, seems a little overkill to something that might get tired of me in two weeks. (+ I don't have TV: P)

    1. Try CEMU if you have a good gaming computer.
      you will not regret! The game Zelda ran better than on a switch in CEMU

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