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Sony introduces: Good news, bad news

The console 4 wins a new and much more cost-effective gaming package, while destroying the back-support concept in games 2

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As of today Sony is The undisputed leader In the latest generation of consoles, and this is happening thanks to several smart and vital steps that make consumers prefer their product over the domestic competitor . However, it also seems that she is not really immune to strange decisions (wrong?) And not really popular.

About two weeks ago, the Japanese manufacturers India and declared That officially support back-to-back games from the next generation 2 is on its way to their new console, and this has pleased us and a lot of other retro-gaming enthusiasts around the world.


What Sony forgot to make clear at the announcement is that it's not really full backward support - but a kind of remake of the HD Remaster versions we've seen in the PlayStation 3 generation - consumers can not really run their PS2 titles on-, But will be required to purchase old-fashioned titles that have been upgraded to 1080p and will be offered in the company's digital store - from 10 to 15 per game.

This is not a typo - Announced that it will sell selected titles that have already celebrated their 10th birthday and even 15 birthday for 10 to 15 dollars, even for players who have already purchased the same game in the past and have their original CD. There is no doubt that this is not a very fair or wise move on the part of the company, and we very much hope to see a "repentance" that will include lowering prices, as well as a free download offer (or at a very symbolic price) to all those who bought the same game at the beginning of the millennium.

Back support for PS2 games - not really what we thought
Back support for PS2 games - not really what we thought

A little bit of light from the company has been seen with regard to backward support in games from the PlayStation 3 era, support that will come from the PlayStation Now service for streaming games directly over the network. Sony withdrew from the intention to offer consumers the purchase and rental of each title separately at the price of a few dollars, And they declared That they will offer a new track of 'play-as-you-can' in all titles for 100 dollars for a year.

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New popular games and a new payment model are important - but what about expanding into new markets?

This is a price that sounds much more reasonable to us for such a streaming service, which will become more and more urgent as it expands and develops. Now we have to wonder when, if anything, Sony will set up servers to serve in Israel or in a country close enough to make reasonable time - and give us an opportunity to access the library of hundreds of PS3 titles online completely.

For dessert, Sony also announced the intention to launch an application that will allow the direct streaming of PlayStation 4 games to the PC that will be connected to the same network - similar to what already exists on the console. The competitor. This is not a crazy breakthrough, but it is certainly nice to have a mobile option to switch your console game to a laptop or stationary computer, 4 is connected to the TV in the living room and needs to be evacuated in favor of another home.


A little good news for the rest of the way
A little good news for the rest of the way

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