Watch: Dragon Ball Z's new incarnation

After the success of the last title-based battle title last year - it seems that the year 2019 will try to expand the supply in the gaming world with Project Z

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If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball manga, and especially the television series and films inspired by it, you probably also got to know the game Dragon Ball FighterZ, From Bandai Namco and Arc System Works.

This battle title was launched about a year ago and won great sympathy They are visitors וThey are from the players, Thanks to the preservation of a two-dimensional visual style that is very similar to that of the original series, as well as a balanced and challenging gameplay - and seems to have given a backwind to the Japanese distributor responsible for the gaming rights of the brand, which now reveals another intriguing project that deals with the popular brand.

We do not have many details about this new game, but it seems that it will try to take the successful base of Dragon Ball titles and translate it successfully into a larger and more interesting open-source universe with an emphasis on elements of development and experience that are familiar from role models - And for platform On PCs, sometime during the current year.

Project Z is based on the popular Unreal Engine 4 engine and seems to be reestablishing 3D models instead of the two-dimensional ones that helped FighterZ stand out from countless other Dragon Ball games launched over the years

Dragon Ball: Project Z will be developed by the veteran Japanese CyberConnect 2 who has proven his ability in action games and roles in the Hack series. And various Naruto games including the Ultimate Ninja Storm series. Interesting or unnecessary? You are invited to comment on comments.